Hungarian Christopher Milak He submitted his strong candidacy for the title. “King of” World Cups from Budapest by winning the 200 butterfly final this Tuesday with a new stratospheric world record of 1:50.34 minutes.

A sensational performance that partly forgets the setback that the day began, after learning of the retreat of the American army. Caeleb Dressel 100 free semi-finals for “medical reasons”.

Dressel has not been able to defend the title of world champion in the 100 freestyle races she has won in the last two universal events, and she will also not be able to fulfill her dream of winning eight gold medals in the Hungarian capital.

Actually, right now Continuity in Caeleb Dressel’s championship uncertainThe winners of the 50 butterflies and the 4×100 freestyle relay at these World Championships.

“The team will determine its participation in future events later,” Lindsay Mintenko, director of the American team, said in a brief statement.

A situation that calls into question Dressel’s participation in the 100 butterflies, a test in which a spectacular duel between the American and Hungarian Krsitof Milak, who has already won six golds and two silvers at the last World Championships in Gwangju 2019. expected.

especially after Exhibition by Magyar in the final of 200 butterflies. As Kristof Milak became the first swimmer in history to fall below the 1:51 minute barrier at the Gwangju World Cups, this Tuesday the Hungarian athlete looked ready to do the impossible and go below 1:50 at times.

And in the absence of the final length, Milak traveled 1.06 seconds below his own universal record (1:50.73).

Again, Magyar couldn’t keep up with his infernal speed in the last 50 meters He won by 1:50.34 minutes, 39 percent less than the previous world record.

Milak’s closest follower, France’s Leon Marchand, left his mark on the future with more than three seconds -3.03- when he hung the silver medal with a time of 1:53.37. .

Finkie recreates his gruesome ending

If Milak fought against the clock in the 200 butterfly final, the American Bobby Finke wins 800 freestyle gold German Florian Wellbrock after a lively duel with Ukrainian Mykhailo Romanchuk, who won silver and bronze.

Like the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, it’s a battle in which the American imposes his dreadful final after reaching the last 50 meters in third position and with the Ukrainian Romanchuk at a disadvantage of more than a second -1.11-.

But Finke’s final length of 25.93 seconds, a time more typical for a sprinter than a long-distance runner, threw the American into first place with a new American record with a final time of 7:39.36 minutes.

Fink takes revenge on 50 breaststrokes

This wasn’t the only victory for the North American team, who seemed willing to make Caeleb Dressel’s absence be forgotten with gold and more gold. Nic Fink has been reached In the final of 50 breaststrokes.

A serving victory for the American, who avenged the 100 breaststrokes where Fink had to settle for bronze with 26.45 seconds. Hectometer champion Italian Nicolò Martinenghi snatched the gold medal with just 3 percent.

Fink also contributed to the American team’s victory in the 4x100m medley relay, Australia, which won the bronze medal, after clearly defeating the silver and the Netherlands in 3:38.79 minutes.

China Yang gives 200 free surprises

Despite Caeleb Dressel’s last-minute loss, if the United States’ victory in the mixed relay was predictable, it was the Chinese’s that was more unexpected. Junxuan Yang 200 free.

The Chinese swimmer did not miss any significant losses, the last of which was Hong Kong’s Siobhan Haughey, who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Games and dropped out due to injury, finishing the gold with a time of 1:54.92. The new star of Australian speed is Mollie O’ Callaghan and her compatriot Muhan Tang.