ATP announced that it would allow what is known as ‘.coaching‘, where coaches can give direct instructions to their players on the field during a match.

The initiative will first be put to the test in the second half of the season, and if the experience is positive, it will be firmly established on the circuit as it has been in several seasons in women’s tennis.

in this experimental phase, which will begin week of july 11Until the end of the year, including the US Open and ATP Finals in November, coaches will be able to instruct and advise tennis players from the coaches’ seats, both in the previous stages of tournaments and in tournaments. draw the final.

Until now, coaches were forbidden to instruct their players on the field, and tennis players, even tennis players, could be punished.It is indicated if the communication between the two is obvious and detected by the referee.

In women’s tennis tournaments, coaches’ instructions for several seasons. In exchanging sides, it is common to see how the coach recommends the rink itself to his students while the players sit down.

For ATP, this initiative could be “an advantage for players and fans.” “This testing phase will also seek to increase moments of intrigue and intimacy to improve the audience’s experience,” he adds.

Coaching is allowed under the following conditions:

– Coaches must sit in the seats determined by the tournament. Coaching (verbal and nonverbal) is only allowed if it does not interrupt the game or disturb the opponent during the scoring.

– Verbal coaching is only allowed when the player is on the same side of the pitch.

– Nonverbal coaching (hand signals) is always allowed.

– Oral coaching may consist of a few words and/or short phrases (no speaking allowed).

– Coaches must not talk to their players when they leave the field for any reason.

– Sanctions and fines will be applied in case of abuse or abuse of previous conditions.

The testing phase will be subject to collective evaluation at the end of the 2022 season to determine the potential inclusion of off-track coaching in future seasons.