They solve Petrer’s mysterious fatal hit

Civil Guards of the Alicante Traffic Subsector driver then a truck Fight with a pedestrian departing in a rest area for vehicles, while the pedestrian was dangling from one of the rear view mirrors of the truck, he drove about 3 kilometers at more than 100 kilometers per hour, Trying to get into the cabin until he died in Petrer.

At 5:48 am on June 3, witnesses briefed the Civil Guard by phone. emergencies 112a man was lying on the road very serious injuries. It looks like he had been hit by a pedestrian.

Arriving at the scene, at the exit of the A-31 towards Salinetas at 204,700 kilometers through the municipality of Petrer, Traffic Civil Protection officers found the victim on the road next to the brake marks. caused by the tires.

Experts confirmed braking It was recently, probably a few minutes before I called 112. After the impact, they learned that the vehicle took off at high speed and left the victim unaided, at night and in low light. area. The man was transported alive Alicante General University Hospital but he died the next day.

The investigation started with a traffic accident claim and crime of leaving the place where the accident occurred. Agents conducted a thorough visual inspection of the crime scene to locate the alleged perpetrator, as there was no trace of his identity or the vehicle that caused the deadly fury.

In the investigation carried out within the scope of the investigation, the investigators learned that the vehicle was a large vehicle and placed the rail on a road. carrier.

Time to arrest the alleged perpetrator of the reckless murder. INFORMATION

From a rigorous examination of all collected evidence and evidence, Civil Guard At 201,900 kilometers of the A-31, the truck driver confirmed that a man tried to break into the cab of the truck as it stopped to take a break. The carrier started a fight with him. After preventing him from getting into the truck, he started walking towards Alicante.

this travelleralready connected externally while the vehicle is running He continued his attempt to enter the passenger compartment, leaning from the rearview mirror and leaning against the steps leading to the cabin.. The truck driver covered a distance of almost three kilometers at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in such conditions.

Given the situation, the truck driver chose to split the service road at the height of the access to the residential area and the industrial area of ​​Salinetas de Petrer, where he braked to save the man, fell violently on the roadIt is also proven by expert evidence that caused very serious injuries and was the cause of death.

The research was conducted by Traffic Research and Analysis Groupwho received support Transportation TeamBoth Units belong to the Alicante Civil Guard Traffic Sub-Sector.

On 10 June a man was arrested The 56-year-old Hispanic man is charged with reckless manslaughter and neglecting his duty to compensate for another crime..

The victim is a 40-year-old male of Spanish nationality. It is not known why the victim attacked the driver, although there was no prior relationship between them. Transactions delivered at the branch Instruction Court No. 3 in Eldadecided so far freedom on charges for the alleged perpetrator.

According to the Penal Code, the perpetrator of negligent manslaughter may be punished with the following penalties: imprisonment from one year to four years, as well as deprivation of the right to drive a motor vehicle and moped from one year to six years. for him crime of neglect of dutycan be amplified to previous sentences with imprisonment from six months to four years.

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