This Tuesday, summer begins and the 2022 solstice arrives: what exactly is going on?

Coming this Tuesday solstice 2022. For practical purposes, we’ve been in summer for weeks, as evidenced by the very high temperatures we’ve been exposed to. In fact, the heat wave we’ve been experiencing recently took place entirely in the spring season. Theoretically, it was not the time for such an episode to happen until now, which is exceptional and reserved for midsummer, and from now on they will certainly be common even before the summer season.

But astronomically Summer begins on Tuesday, June 21, at 11:14 (peninsula time). So what is going to happen? Quite simply, it is when the North Pole is most inclined to the Sun, that is, closest to it. Specifically, the tilt of the planet’s axis is 23.4 degrees relative to our star.

When this happens, the star reaches its highest elevation above the horizon at noon and “describes the longest arc in the sky”, It’s the longest day, according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN).

The tilt of the planet creates the seasons. agencies

Actually, the name solstice comes from Latin. solstiumwhich means it’s still the Sun, given that its maximum altitude hasn’t changed for several days.

remember summer doesn’t always start at the same time, because for years the solstice can occur on June 20, 21 or 22. This will depend on how the civil calendar (depending on whether it’s a leap year or not) matches the duration of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which is called the tropical year, which is the same every year.

In any case, heThe seasons are mainly caused by the Earth’s tilt relative to the Sun, not because of our planet’s distance from the star king. And the Earth’s orbit is practically circular. Therefore, when we “look” more closely at the Sun in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is further away from it, and therefore winter is there.

As the National Geographic Institute recalls, The summer season will last until September 21When will autumn come in 93 days and 16 hours.

As for the weather forecasts, from the portal they state: It will be a little warmer than usual. to the point where an average temperature of 2ºC above normal can be recorded in some areas, such as the northwest (Castilla y León, part of Galicia, and northern Extremadura).


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