Lack of doctors alarmed Portugal

At least temporarily a dozen services emergencies of the obstetrics He focused once again on the lack of doctors in Portugal. Some closures that started just a few days ago Lisbon area and this situation shocked public opinion after the death of an untreated newborn in the Caldas da Rainha emergency room, about 100 kilometers from Lisbon, because the appropriate specialist was not available. While the prosecutor’s office is investigating the case, the unions and opposition parties pressure on the Portuguese government To solve a remote problem.

head Independent Physicians Association (SIM)Jorge Roque da Cunha attributes the shortage of doctors to the lack of economic and labor incentives for their youngest. work abroad or in private hospitals with better conditions. “The number of specialists entering the National Health Service (SNS) in recent years has been fewer than those leaving,” Cunha explains. NEWSPAPER, A daily member of the Prensa Ibérica group and medium. SIM head continues There are more and more doctors over 50is no longer required to provide emergency services.

Contract for 1,600 professionals

The executive retained busy meetings This week, we are working with unions to try to improve conditions for doctors and attract as many soldiers as possible to prevent a reoccurrence of these situations during the summer months when a significant portion of the workforce will be on vacation. this Health Minister Marta Fearspresented this week emergency action plan plans to improve overtime pay, which exceeded 8 million last year, to match the pay received by doctors who are not integrated into the SNS and who provide certain services when there is a shortage of specialists in some centres. Reachable fee worked 90 euros per hour.

This proposal adds to the creation of a commission to coordinate and centralize hospital resources. respond quickly to needs In addition to the recruitment of 1,600 new doctors, among 50 birthplaces and gynecology. For now, however, this proposal does not convince the unions. “We want the Minister to be more objective. Some doctors are already in the system, finishing their specialization, and their entry into the SNS has already been scheduled,” explains the head of SIM, insisting it is necessary. design long-term plans ensure the sustainability of the health system.

Lack of family doctor

Fearful insisted that the Government would do everything possible. empowering people teamsdespite acknowledging the difficulties of filling vacancies. “We will recruit all specialists who want to work at SNS, this is our priority, but unfortunately it will not be as many as we would like. Working conditions in healthcare are tough and we are aware of that.” The minister assured at this week’s press conference. Something that Finance Minister Fernando Medina also agrees with is assurance that this is not a deal. “financial problem”but it is a structural problem of “lack of soldiers”.

In addition to the problems in recruiting gynecology, obstetrics or pediatricians, difficulties primary care, where a significant shortage of family physicians. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, over one million Portuguese do not have an appointed primary care doctorabout one 10% of the population. The government plans to recruit more. 400 doctors in this fieldA meager figure for unions indicates that more than twice as much will be needed to meet the system’s needs. They insist until salaries improve, it will not be possible to close these places.

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