Orestes and Rafa face off in their most tense duel over the Pasapalabra bun

competition between Orestes and Rafa It doesn’t end in every episode of Pasapalabra. Two contestants try to win the jackpot and sometimes have real duels to win the show’s prize or not be eliminated. In this Thursday’s broadcast, attendees showed their rivalry and knowledge in one of the most important ‘donuts’ remembered.

In particular, the two young people had very different beginnings. Rafa started his career successfully 21 accurate hits with 11 uninterrupted correct words Barely passing shifts, where he demonstrated his good work in Antena 3 format. Then after reaching 22 words with a success, he decided to stand up and wait for his opponent to succeed.

Orestes stuck with it more on this occasion and remained on duty many times in the first letters, which is unusual in the senior attendee. The young man remained speechless, seeing that he needed to add more hits to avoid the show’s ‘blue chair’. Robert Sadik by making a run and risking a few words to hit 22 hits and draw with Rafa.

The boy eventually succeeded and reached the barrier imposed to mate with his opponent. This way of delivery it ended in a draw and both will avoid being eliminated against a new contestant at the next show.

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