Sonia Castedo in “Wanted” t-shirt and picture of Oltra: “Chew and swallow”

Former mayor of Alicante, sonia casteHe posted a message to the vice president of Generalitat Valenciana on Facebook, Monica Oltraas a result of it judicial accusation in case of harassing her ex-husband to a minor.

“Wow, wow, wow… the turns life takes. Madam of Reputation, remember: ‘Everything done in this life is paid for. Some call it KARMA, others divine justice.’ chew and swallow. C’mon, THERE ARE ALREADY bonfires here!!!”.

Castedo, who was it? acquitted of the chargesthis text was accompanied by a picture of him smiling and He’s wearing a T-shirt that says “Wanted” and has a photo of Oltrajust as Consell’s ex-president did in the Valencian Parliament, Francis CampsHe was under investigation for corruption cases.

Sonia Castedo in “Wanted” t-shirt and picture of Oltra: “Chew and swallow”

Castedo thus takes revenge against one of the policies. attacked him on the day while in a procedural state equal to the state it now faces. The district lawmaker at the time stated that Castedo resigned “due to very serious litigation” such as the lawsuit. Rabasa or Brugal, “He put Alicante at the feet of Enrique Ortiz”. The deputy spokesperson for Comproís at the time explained: “deceiving citizens” both his “management” and his “departure”.

It should be noted that Oltra is also in October 2017. joined the resignation letter Socialist mayor of Alicante Gabriel Echavarri after being accused of lying.

Oltra with Echávarri in a file image

“The situation is unsustainable” The leader of the nationalist formation, quoting the words of his party’s municipal spokesman, Natxo Bellido, giving the assurance that “we are left alone with ethics between ethics and arithmetic”. Meanwhile, a Natxo Bellido who has yet to decide on the leader of his formation.

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