France confirms it no longer receives Russian gas through pipelines

GRTgaz, the company that manages the gas transport network in France, announced this Friday that the country no longer receives natural gas from Russia. pipe LineDue to the end of supply from Germany, he ignored what could happen and reported a recovery in energy from Spain.

GRTgaz, in the first five months of the year gas flow from germany had fallen by more than 60% on an annual basis. At the beginning of the year, it was around 60 gigawatt hours, which is only 10% of the capacity assumed for these facilities.

However, France does not expect any impact, largely due to the increase in oil inflows. liquefied natural gas — increased 66%– start of new projects. The French company said that its gas reserves were met by 56% and that for the summer lower consumption.

Another front that France trusts is the Pyrenees. interconnection From Spain to the north, it has climbed over 100 gigawatt hours since March 1, peaking at 220 gigawatt hours on some days in May, GRTgaz explains.

The company remains “on alert” for the second half of the year and “normal” winter, The balance between gas supply and demand is guaranteed even with a complete cut off from Russia. However, “in the event of a peak or late cold” does not obviate the necessity to activate some sort of measure to reduce consumption or to activate items that allow certain customers to turn off the tap.

GRTgaz did not address the possible reasons for the termination of supply. russian Gas, however, this week, Gazprom company confirmed a serious disruption in supply via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which is the key to deliveries to Germany and thus to the rest of Europe.

cut to italy

Italy is also noticing these cuts, so much so that the company width He stated this Friday that he would only receive 50 percent of the contracted amounts. Both Gazprom and the Russian government say these cuts have nothing to do with political concerns, but rather technical complications.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Thursday such excuses from Kiev “Lies“, noting that Moscow uses gas politically. Not in vain, Russia already obliges all foreign customers from “enemy” countries to comply with a payment system in order to pay the supply in rubles.

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