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this photovoltaic sector It is in a state of complete revolution. The energy transition is one of the pillars of the fight against climate change and betting on renewable energy models is a must. In fact, Europe has prioritized this point within itself. Next Generation EU economic program It was developed to overcome the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, an important part of economic resources, clean energy generation.

In this context, Alicante hosted the conference last Monday. «The present and future of photovoltaics in the Community of Valencia»Organized by the National Photovoltaic Energy Manufacturers Association (Anpier) and ‘Path of the Sun’ initiativeThe social mobilization that Anpier started in 2015, ask the government to commit to renewable energy. Representatives of president Anpier Miguel Ángel Martínez-Aroca attended the event; Lluis Calatayud i Pla, the association’s delegate in the Valencian Community; and Ángel Escribano, technician and member of the Legal Department. The event was closed by Carmen Beviá Baeza, regional secretary for Universities and Generalitat Valenciana Studies.

During the interview, the fact was confirmed as follows: more and more users are betting on self-consumption and those who want to use a more sustainable electricity system, such as one that is dependent on photovoltaic energy. In the last six months, self-consumption facilities skyrocketed 20,671 installations that reached this figure in the first quarter of the year in the Valencian Community, 44.4% of this, ie 9,191 were installed in the last six months.

However, it’s an evolution that Anpier is skeptical of because of the fact that there’s been an explosion at macro installations, “a perversion of photovoltaic energy,” according to Anpier’s chairman. In this context, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Aroca, solar power plants up to 5 MW in municipalitiesfor production and property distributed in preference to self-consumption, reduce environmental impact and helps create local jobs.

Left to right: Ángel Escribano, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Aroca and Lluís Calatayud. | HECTOR SOURCES

«Currently, photovoltaics are used for what they are not: to create 800 MW macro power plants, projects with high landscape and environmental impact, and strong neighborhood opposition. These initiatives It’s not them we advocate at Anpier, these macro plants and production models are mostly foreign-owned.they seek economic benefits without taking into account environmental impact».

Regarding the existence of all these macro-facility initiatives, the head of Anpier thought that there was a certain irregularity on the part of the public administrations and emphasized that the projects up to 5 MW had a positive effect due to the greater social level. fair.


Anpier’s conference also served to defend the rights of the first investors to bet. Photovoltaic energy in Spain. It was wagered in 2008. about 65,000 families for photovoltaicwas encouraged by a series of incentives to producers. 11% of the families were from the Valencian Community. However, after the first stage, a series of retroactive cutsespecially with the Rajoy government, which has imposed cutbacks. up to 45% of income.

Therefore, Anpier’s representatives recalled last Monday that they were supposedly negotiating with the government. “Miguel Sebastian formula” compensating for “abusive” retroactive deductions that caused damage 35,000 billion euros for the photovoltaic industry in Spain. “Our red line is to close the final regulatory period,” the Anpier president explained, explaining that they are also working to increase the right to charge production to 4 or 5 years. “This measure will not incur any cost to the system in the short run because To be implemented in 2038», Anpier head added.

Regarding Anpier’s role as interlocutor with governments, Lluís Calatayud i Pla recalled that Spain has undergone nine regulatory changes in recent years. put small investors in extreme situations due to legal instability. That’s why “Anpier was born to defend small investors,” he recalled, and they work. to guarantee legal certainty and regulatory stability in the renewable energy sector. «We reached 3,000 cases with justice to defend small investors,” he explained.

investment opportunities

Ángel Escribano, a technician and member of the Legal Department, was responsible for talking today about opportunities to bet on photovoltaic energy. underlined the existence direct aid, subsidies and tax benefits Recalling that it is a “good time” to invest in photovoltaic energy, he reminded that the association signed an agreement with Bankinter to provide financing for new developments from its Anpier partners.

Focusing on the second option, noting the different forms of individual and collective self-consumption, Ángel Escribano said, “The biggest opportunity right now is the Next Generation EU funds in response to the pandemic.” In particular, the representative of Anpier advocated distributed generation and ownership through the creation of small power plants up to 5 MW in municipalities.

Among the advantages of this type of facility are Escribano, better landscape integration, less environmental damage, proximity to consumption pointsgreater efficiency in production, creation of local employment and the promotion of a more resilient national production structure with more distributed points of production and less dependence on external sources or imports.

The Fundación Mediterráneo room was full for the Anpier meeting. HECTOR SOURCES

As for options, local energy communities had a special role as it was considered a very interesting formula. Despite this, and citing as an example the community created in Crevillent, Anpier’s chairman reminded that such an energy community is still in a stalemate. early period in Spain because, for example, it still lacks its own rules and regulations. “It’s something the entire industry has been waiting for. The transposition of the European Directive on energy communities does not exist even in Spain.. However, we think this is a very interesting option to consider.”

As a result, Carmen Beviá Baeza, regional secretary for Universities and Research, intervened to advocate for photovoltaic energy and the new opportunities its use can create in other sectors. farming.

«Research and innovation in photovoltaics It could lead to more practical uses that go beyond lowering electricity bills”, he said, and considered the use of floating solar panels, which avoids the use of very large plots, as a very interesting option.

National Fund for Sustainability of the Electricity System (FNSSE)

Anpier’s representatives were also in favor of the National Fund for the Sustainability of the Electric System (FNSSE), whose main purpose is to. Electrifying Spain’s energy consumptionto accelerate the energy transition. decarbonized economy At the same time, the energy bill of the country and consumers decreases. This fund will bear the costs associated with the specific charging regime for renewable energy, cogeneration and waste (RECORE). As explained by the head of Anpier, the initiative, «Sharing all costs of renewable energies between electricity, oil and gas consumers and the Government, and not as now, it is the consumer who bears 100% of the cost».

Anpier lines of action

  1. Maintain service quality.

  2. Keep active decision making.

  3. Maintaining and promoting media activity.

  4. We must continue to cooperate with other organisations.

  5. Find compensation formulas for supported retroactive deductions.

  6. The last editing period should be closed.

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