Dismantled two drug nurseries of French drug dealers in Malaga

National Police operation allowed rip off Ronda and Arriate (Malaga) two medicine rooms whose last stop was it France. According to the National Police, those investigated had a house of Franco-Moroccan origin in the municipality of Arriate, where they stored narcotics for later transfer to the country of Gaul. Searches included interception 40 kilos of marijuana, 186 kilos give a stimulantAK-74 assault rifle and semi-automatic pistol (both ammunition), two vehicles and a positioning device.

It started with the investigation information exchange Between the National Police and French police officials. In this regard, the French Anti-Narcotics Office (OFAST) reported that it reported the existence of a single-family house in the Arriate municipality of Malaga, where members of a Franco-Moroccan organization could store drugs. Spanish agents located the property and confirmed suspicious movements inside the property. At one point, they saw a small truck loaded with construction material leave. At the wheel was a French national of Arab origin with a history of drug trafficking in his country, but was found not to be carrying illegal goods after he was caught by agents from the Ronda Local Police Station.

However, at the beginning of June, when investigators noticed that a goods haul truck was leaving the house in the direction of Antequera, they sought support from the municipality’s police station in question. “As the vehicle approached the police checkpoint, its driver accelerated sharply.forced one of the agents to jump out to avoid being run over. This was the beginning of a chase along various roads and regional highways through the municipalities of Antequera, Archidona and Villanueva de Algaidas, in which Police units joined. The National, Civil Guard, and Antequera Local Police had several times in a vehicle belonging to the Local Police. intervened in the minibus that came to crash. lost control and fell on a country roadAlthough he fled on foot, he was not found. 186 kilos of marijuana buds, 75 kilos of marijuana and a semi-automatic pistol with ammunition were found in the van.

At Arriate’s home, investigators recovered 360 kilos of hashish, split into 100-gram pills, and an AK-74 assault rifle with ammunition magazines. the house in question was used as a nursery. Shortly after, investigators found the truck, which had been identified days ago, on a remote farm in the municipality of Ronda. Agents inspected and found a double bottom in the back, revealing that the house, which was emitting a strong smell of marijuana, was also empty at the time, but the organization was also there. used as warehouse.

The investigation continues to find the fugitive French person, as well as third-party members of the criminal organization.

Source: Informacion


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