The dome of cs is right: between re-enactment and censorship where it converges with PP

A few hours after firing industry heavyweights who criticized Orihuela’s no-confidence motion, such as the provincial coordinator. citizensThe national leadership of the orange formation, together with Javier Gutiérrez, state secretaries of Institutional Action and Organization César Martínez and Chechu Herrero, made statements for their harsh decision. The reasons put forward to justify the beheading oscillate between attempting to reinvigorate the party in the now key province, with the Andalusian elections just around the corner and municipal and regional elections less than a year ago, and censorship. Merger of the lists with the People’s Party before next year’s election cycle.

CS Organization Secretary Borja González was responsible for notifying Javier Gutiérrez on Wednesday of the dismissal of both himself and the two state secretaries. “We believe the province of Alicante has a lot of potential and we did these relays to hold our breath and build momentum,” says González. Spokesperson for the Liberals in Diputación. González assures that this was a decision that was not taken on the fly, but was taken into account after a listening process that included the main public positions that the organization currently holds in the state, and also with those who would agree on the matter. New appointments scheduled for the week after Hogueras.

However, circles close to the leadership point to the debate on this issue. confluence with PP Confronting the electoral cycle that the current leadership opposes is seen as the crux of the conflict. They also attribute the trigger for the deportations to food from the group close to Javier Gutiérrez, which coincided with the elections in Andalusia on the same Sunday, organized to promote joint lists with popular hits.

González did not go into this as he was more interested in presenting his point of view after what had happened in Orihuela’s motion of no confidence. “We all criticize forms and tenses. It was a move not authorized by the party and informative file In record time,” said the Secretary of the Inés Arrimadas Organization. According to the member of the liberals’ national executive body, Alicante had “curable internal problems”, but he does not put “one” to the political and organic action led by Javier Gutiérrez, César Martínez and Chechu Herrero.

It was asked if the decision could be made given the low expectations for C’s in the face of the finds. Sunday elections in AndalusiaGonzález insists that the movement did not respond to the rains or the tension spreading within the orange formation. “The decision was made days ago, it was thought through, and it had the support of the militants,” he concludes.

Source: Informacion


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