Mental health issues already cause or complicate 42% of sick leave

Difficulty adapting to the constant change imposed by digitization, insecurity wavenew working methods its prevalence is increasing rapidly psychosocial diseases in work environments, to the point where they are already directly causing or contributing aggravation or lengthening an increasing percentage low. It is also a fact that the legislation has not yet responded to these issues as it does not include a specific treatment.

This arose during II Legal update conference in professional contingencies Organized by Ibermutua in Alicante, telecommunication When determining whether an accident is occupational or the need to facilitate the accident cooperation and mutual make better use of the resources available to them.

CEO of Ibermutua, Carlos Xavier Santos emphasized that psychosocial diseases It has become one of the biggest challenges of society across Europe and 4% of GDP to treat such ailments with increased consumption of psychotropic drugs. “A reality we don’t give an adequate answer”, insisted Santos, because “it is a part of mental health. very important unknown. No one teaches us to know and react when we are at risk, whether at school, university or companies.” So, on average, he remembered: between eight and 15 years going to a mental health professional because the first symptoms are detected.

“Society is changing digitally, in labor relations – in a more precarious way – in new forms of work such as reconciliation or teleworking, which are good for the environment but bad for isolation or physical care. We do not accompany this change, we do not provide the necessary support to face it,” he said.

Participants at the Ibermutua conference: Fernando Salinas, María Luisa Segoviano, Juan Roca, Isabel Fajardo, Carlos Santos and Rafael Patrocinio Rodriguez. AXEL ALVAREZ

In this way Santos, until then 14% of sick leave processes Managed by Ibermutua direct mental health diagnosesThis figure reaches 42% of all losses, even though the index is expanded to include cases where psychosocial diseases are associated with other types of disorders. And, as he explains, psychological factors are decisive in the evolution and recovery of patients. Thus, the sprain gave an example of a person on sick leave, which normally takes 13 days, but up to 60 days when it coincides with a layoff or other situation that causes stress or depression. .

lack of adaptation

In the same vein, the President of the Fourth Chamber of the Court of Cassation, Maria Luisa Segoviano He insisted on increasing the prevalence of what he called – most recently recognized for the Pelayo Prize awarded to prestigious lawyers. “Emerging Diseases”added workplace violence or sexual harassment or worker harassment or the “burnt worker” syndrome. “Some situations where the challenge we face is, not regulated in our system” indicates that in his opinion this system is “somewhat outdated”. As such, he pointed out that many of these diseases are not covered in the Social Security Act, and only that the recent law regulating remote work “mentioned psychosocial factors when assessing occupational risks.”

For his part, the High Judge Ferdinand Salinas addressed the difficulties commute to work or telecommunication It is created when determining when an accident is of an occupational nature or when it should be considered a common illness. “If I fall when I go down to get ink in the printer, is it a work accident or not?” he joked as an example of this new truth. He pointed to some of the difficulties he faced. “normality criteria” to identify these situations.

Given all these changes, the president of Ibermutua, John Rockunderlined the need to adapt legislation as society progresses.

On the other hand, the general manager of the company, Carlos Javier Santos, also demanded the establishment of a company. framework that facilitates collaboration between commons and administrations to avoid situations such as 11 million in MadridMore commonly attended where ambulances are unable to take the injured to nearby co-insurers’ health centers or where deal-signing procedures, such as those established during the pandemic, prevent mutual insurers from doing so vaccination campaign.

90% of accidents are preventable

Supreme Court justice Fernando Salinas insisted on the need for education and awareness to reduce the number of work accidents and occupational diseases, as he recalled, as he recalled, up to 90% of these accidents were preventable. . District Attorney General Isabel Fajardo also attended the Ibermutua conference.

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