The most tattooed man in the world showed what he looked like before

New Zealander Lucky Diamond Rich, who broke the Guinness Book of Records for the number of tattoos, published a photo of him before applying the drawings to the body. This has been reported Mirror.

Rich started getting tattoos at the age of 16 while traveling with a circus troupe.

“Firstly [татуировка] It was made when I was 16 and traveling with a circus. I stuffed a little juggling stick in my thigh,” Rich said. “I did it on my hip because I didn’t want my mom to see it. And from then on, I only got one tattoo at a time.”

Now the New Zealander’s body looks like one continuous tattoo. It is believed that 200% of his skin is covered in paint. The fact is that he tattooed the same place several times, and the ink “in some places there are three or four layers of depth”.

According to him, he received tattoos from masters around the world. He offered a part of his body as he came to the session and told him to take action. Lucky Diamond Rich’s last tattoo was six years ago.

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Source: Gazeta


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