They examine the sinks of the Alicante pool where a 7-year-old drowned

this National Police of the Alicante An investigation took place this Thursday at pool sinks, where a 7-year-old boy drowned when his hand caught on one of them. Researchers are collecting data to publish a report on the conditions in which the tragic accident occurred. the point that needs to be clarified is the case with the grate of the drain where the small child is stuck.

Provincial Brigade Agents judicial police The statements of many people and experts from the Provincial Brigade were taken. scientific police They came to inspect it this Thursday after draining the pool of water.

Some neighbors told the police that the evacuation grill «corrupted» and they blamed the maintenance company, which they assure that they were not negligent as it is not their job to review these safety aspects. We were told that the lifeguard company had to do an inspection before the pool opened and both the porter and lifeguard saw this. grid placed in the morning.

Red Cross mobilized a psychological care team this afternoon for the family of the deceased minor in his second year at the Voramar school in Alicante.

Source: Informacion


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