american actor Kevin the alien you are free to come back United States of America until it reappears next July 14 before a court in the United Kingdom charged with five sexual offenses It was allegedly committed against three men between 2005 and 2013.

This is when Judge Tan Ikram agreed to release him this Thursday at the first hearing in Westminster Magistrates Court for cooperating with the authorities thus far, no “flight risk”.

alien what surrendered voluntarily After being formally charged on 13 June, he arrived at the British Police in a silver Mercedes and entered the London court on his feet, where dozens of journalists were waiting for him both in the room and outside the building.


The 62-year-old actor followed suit, wearing a light blue suit, white shirt and dark tie. neutral expression and occasionally glanced at the press section, giving a brief preliminary hearing in which he introduced himself as Kevin Spacey Fowler, his date of birth – 26 July 1959 – and an address in London’s Waterloo district.

Although he doesn’t have to decide his guilt or innocence at this hearing, his attorney, Patrick Gibbs, said:strongly denies any offenseGibbs persuaded the judge to release his client until the next hearing, which the magistrate had set for July 14, again in London’s Southwark court, at which the accused would have to plead. guilty or innocent.

Prosecutor Natalie Dawson had requested that the suspect be released on probation, handing over her travel documents – without the possibility of processing others, He will be set up at his London residence and be prohibited from communicating with witnesses. your case.

But the defense attorney said that the actor “most of the time” had to be in the United States, “for business reasons” and because In that country with “his whole family and his 9-year-old dog”. “I have been told that he cooperated with the New York authorities (who questioned him) and voluntarily attended the hearings here today,” the judge said before allowing his unconditional release.

time in England

The five charges against Spacey include: the two alleged sexual assaults in March 2005 Against a man (referred to as plaintiff #1) who is now in his 40s in London.

A third aggression also allegedly occurred in the capital in August 2008 against “plaintiff number 2”, who is now over 30 years old. This man also accuses her of involving him in penetrating activity without consent; this is a more serious accusation that motivated the case to go from Westminster court to Southwark court.

Other sexual assault3 took place in the English county of Gloucestershire in April 2013, according to Police.

Learning of the allegations last month, Spacey, who won two Oscars for ‘The Usual Suspects’ (1995) and ‘American Beauty’ (1999), announced on May 31 that she would cooperate with British Justice from the United States. “Again The prosecutor’s decision disappointed me To bring the (British) accusation, I will voluntarily come to England as soon as possible and defend myself. “I am confident that I will prove my innocence,” the actor said in a statement sent to ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​program.

The American artist lived for several years in London, from 2003 to 2015, where he was artistic director of The Old Vic theater, a period in which alleged crimes were framed.

Those in charge of that room in London stated that they received complaints from 20 people alleging sexual harassment by Spacey in 2017, and that they were also accused of such crimes in the United States.