EU leaders acknowledge ‘potential’ of Iberian Peninsula in European energy future

this leaders The European Union recognized in writing this Tuesday The “potential” of the Iberian Peninsula in future renewable energy supply in an EU He said he is moving away from fossil fuels imported from Russia with mandatory marches and aspires to energy autonomy.

results approved by Heads of State and Government of EU countries, extraordinarily collected for analysis. geopolitical context Russia’s invasion of Ukraine recognizes the need to “utilize the potential of the Iberian Peninsula to contribute to the security of supply of the European Union”.

The text also speaks of need. “To complement and improve the interconnection of European electricity and gas grids by investing in and complementing infrastructure for new and existing projects, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) interconnects”, the latter adapted to transport hydrogen “all over the European Union”.

Member State leaders also commissioned the European Commission to investigate. different ways to pacify the rise in prices Energy, including the analysis of the “feasibility of imposing temporary limits on import prices where appropriate”.

Inspired by the paragraph. The proposal that Italy launched for the EU last March, Taking advantage of the fact that it is a huge market, reducing the energy price by creating a “ceiling price” for gas purchases that operators cannot exceed, and Russian gas company Gazprom Get extraordinary profits.

European electricity market

The European Council also called on the Commission on energy prices.Continuing rapidly to optimize the functioning of the European electricity market” According to the report submitted a month ago by the Energy Regulatory Cooperation Agency (ACER).

In this analysis, they ask the Community Manager “to address the impact of gas prices so that (the market) resists future price fluctuations, offers affordable electricity, and fully adapts to a decarbonized energy system“.

The leaders stated that this should be done in the conclusions they reached after the two-day summit, “integrity of the single market, maintaining incentives for the green transition, maintaining security of supply and avoiding disproportionate budgetary costs”.

The impact of the war in Ukraine

The greatest political weight at the European summit was called to the meeting in an extraordinary way. The development of the Russian occupation Ukraine has finally returned to negotiations, which will be partial, to agree an embargo on Russian oil, with the exceptions of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

However, the energy situation also occupied most of the conclusions endorsed by the leaders, With the aim of reviewing “progress in ending the European Union’s dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal imports as soon as possible”.

Thus, heads of state and governmentMember States underlined the need for the EU to “further diversify supply sources and routes and ensure energy supply”. focuses on “affordable prices”, “energy efficiency and savings” and “accelerate renewable energy distribution” and allows infrastructure installation.

Thus, leaders support the broad outlines of the European Commission’s ‘Strengthen the EU’ plan, presented on 18 May. Diverting the EU from Russian fuels, particularly gas, which leaders call for quick review and implementation.

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