Confectioner Renat Agzamov explained how to get creamy crispy

Confectioner, businessman and culinary show host Renat Agzamov shared the main secret of crispy meringue with

In one of the episodes of the Confectioner project on the Pyatnitsa TV channel, its presenter, confectioner Renat Agzamov, criticized the cake of one of the participants, because when it was cut he did not hear the characteristic meringue crunch. “Svetlana, I don’t hear the crunch of the cream. Where’s the meringue crunch? I knew there was no meringue there, ”the confectioner said. These words were remembered by the audience, and an excerpt from the show, in which they were said, dispersed on social networks.

HORSE interview Renat Agzamov explained how to get creamy crunchy chips. “We need to choose the right temperature regime. Protein is 95% water. In order for the meringue to be crispy, you have to remove this moisture,” he explained.

Formerly saidwhat to cook in the country if you are tired of barbecue.

Source: Gazeta


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