Julia fired from ‘Masterchef 10’ repeating Patricia

Julia bids farewell to the kitchens of ‘tenth edition.master chef‘. The professional sommelier has been sacked from TVE’s culinary talent after failing to convince the jury with multiple defective replicas of Pepe Rodríguez’s plate in the knockout test. “The broth tastes like nothing. It’s a shame,” said the La Mancha chef, after trying the preparation.

“There are services that come out better than the others. For me, each one was a service, I had a great time in this business and I take friends with me. It’s hard to say because it takes time to make friends. But, wow, experience,” Julia said as she said goodbye.

Latter, Patricia won from being reprimanded as a contestant on ‘Masterchef 10’. The Barcelona manager returned to the competition after winning the jury by making wine ice cream and sheep’s milk yogurt in the qualifying test, where he once again coincided with those who were expelled from the competition.

Source: Informacion


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