‘Los Borbones’, ‘La noche D’ and ‘Survivors’ compete for the audience today

sixth and Atresplayer Premium premiere tonight at 22:30. ‘The Bourbons: A Royal Family’The first documentary series about the Spanish Royal Family, directed by Aitor Gabilondo and journalist Ana Pastor. The project chronicles the recent history of the Spanish crown, one of Europe’s oldest monarchies, and focuses on the succession and reign of Juan Carlos I, which ended with the monarch’s dethronement. ‘Bourbons: the tale of a royal family’ is a collection of historical archives, unpublished images and documents, recreations and testimonies of historians, writers, journalists, collaborators and people close to the Royal House.

‘D-Night’ come back tonight one from TVE (10:40). Hosted by Eva Soriano, the venue dedicates the season’s fifth program to dinner and features a five-star menu for Adriana Torrebejano, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Ana Morgade, David de Jorge and Martín Berasategui. In addition, Romania’s Eurovision 2022 representative WRS Andrei will perform the song ‘Call me’.

Carlos Sobera, ‘survival’ at Telecinco

telecinco bet tonight for a new installment ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’ (09:55). The premiere of Carlos Sobera will celebrate the candidate’s second liberation ceremony with the biggest support from the votes of the audience. On the other hand, the binding question that arose when the show gave the audience the opportunity to re-enact Desy as ‘Parasite’ after Juan Muñoz’s voluntary departure will be resolved. to guess different movies.

Amaia Romero chats with Pablo Motos in Antena 3

Amaia Romero also visits the set of the drama. ‘Anthill’ inside antenna 3 (09:45). The artist will be talking to Pablo Motos about a song called ‘La cancion que Quiero cantate’, his new album ‘When I don’t know who I am’, which is currently on sale and includes a collaboration with Aitana. This is already a success.

four released a new installment this Tuesday ‘The future’ (10:50 pm), new program on science, technology and innovation presented and led by Carmen Porter. The program will focus on all these technological developments that contribute to improving various aspects of daily life related to work, leisure, health and well-being; in recent research in fields such as medicine, the brain, consciousness and nature; state-of-the-art systems and applications; and on robots and nanotechnology, among other topics.

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