Quick and simple solutions for our home are at hand without spending a lot of money. You may be furnishing your house, making some changes, or, for example, you have a second home and you are preparing it for these summer days or for rent.


  • How to decorate a small hallway with Ikea’s best-selling shoe rack

  • Three Ikea shoe racks for less than 6 Euros to help you save money and space

In any of these situations, you may need a few simple items to get you out of trouble. This is the case of one of Ikea’s most sought after shoe manufacturers: Greece. What is special about this piece of furniture? Everything and nothing. because that’s all extremely helpful and nothing because it’s simple, metal, gray and with two simple legs.

Grejig shoe cabinet from Ikea

this shoemaker Grejig You can place it in many parts of your home. With it, you can make an original hall. Put it in a corner so you can leave your shoes when you get home and nothing else gets stained. It can be a decorative element like any other because it also stackablei.e. you can buy several and stack them (up to three) to get extra storage space. You can fit up to three pairs of shoes in each of the Grejigs. It also folds easily if you get tired and you won’t have any trouble putting it in any closet.

Shoe cabinet Grejig Ikea | You can stack it up to three heights and get more storage space. IKEA SPAIN

If storage is what you’re looking for in your wardrobe, the Grejig is for you too, because its dimensions allow it to fit just about anywhere. This shoe rack measures 58 cm long, 27 cm wide and 17 cm highanyone. Being made of steel, it perfectly supports the weight of three pairs of shoes and is also easy to clean, you can remove dust perfectly with a damp cloth. The price of this Grejig shoe rack 4 euros.

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Other new Ikea shoe racks

The latest model among Ikea’s shoe rack innovations. panget. It has nothing to do with the previous model, as it is a large piece of furniture that includes a shoe rack, a shoe bench and a coat rack. That is, it is the most complete, because in it you can store your shoes, sit comfortably or put on your shoes, and also leave your jacket or bag. There is also a shelf at the top where you can leave what you want. All with the same furniture. It measures 85x41x200 cm and is white.