Government to expand measures of war response plan to reduce inflation

Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said on Monday. The government will soon decide on the extension of the measures approved in the national response plan in the face of the economic and social consequences. The war in Ukraine to control inflation.

Speaking to the media before the opening of the ‘Improvement Plan and SMEs’ conference, the minister stated that the Government is analyzing the effectiveness of these measures to make the best decisions.

In this sense, it will soon take the decision to extend the measures already approved in the response plan to war, tax breaks, such as tax breaks VAT from 21% to 10% of electricity or electricity tax.

“We continue to work on measures to curb prices, particularly energy prices and raw materials, where the problem lies,” he said after learning about the advanced CPI data, which set May inflation at 8.7%.

The Minister emphasized that the Government is concerned about this situation and has already taken and will continue to take measures to control the increase in prices. minimizing the impact on family income and the competitiveness of companies.

He added this week that the “significant measure” will be mandated to limit the price of gas in the wholesale market, which he hopes will benefit consumers and companies, particularly industrial companies, in ways that affect the price drop.

Source: Informacion


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