Renault focuses on new connected mobility in project to choose PERTE VEC

Renault will also benefit PERTE For the development of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (PERTE VEC) to transform mobility in Spain. According to El Periódico de Catalunya, its five factories and 25,000 workers in country, maxed-out deadline June 3– presenting assistance opt-in projects involving fifty partners from nine autonomous communities. will be 70% SMEs.

Unlike other projects such as Volkswagen Group and Seat, Renault not to electrify their factories, Spain inside leader in sustainable and connected mobility. Your offer includes: 31 attempts around three main axes: decarbonization, connection and mobility as a service. The industrial partners of the French manufacturer also cover all areas of the industrial ecosystem of the future automotive industry: technology, renewable energies, circular economy, production of vehicles and components, batteries, universities and technology centers.

A connected, safe and sustainable electric mobility

In this sense, the field of decarbonization includes initiatives to develop and research hydrogen and other carbon neutral fuels. batteries and, inter alia, in reducing the weight of materials. attribution connectiondigitalization, cyber security and electronic tool platforms will be at the forefront. Renault talks about initiative ARTUS, an infrastructure design for testing autonomous driving technology as an example of what to work on in this area. Finally, for mobility as a service New technologies and platforms will be developed to bring new features to cars.

It should be noted that new mobility and connected services will be one of the pillars of the world. Renault Group In the future through Mobilize, a company that is expected to contribute up to 20% of its revenue over the next decade through ridesharing and dedicated mobility services.

Jose Vicente de los MozosThe world industrial director of Groupe Renault and managing director of Renault Spain explains that his project “strengthens R&D in Spain and facilitates the development of connected environments with electric, autonomous and connected vehicles”. “This prepares Spain to become a leader in sustainable mobility,” he adds. Fifty Renault partners include Castilla y León, Basque Country, Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia, Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Catalonia and Aragon. gestamp, Barcelona Free Zone ConsortiumGrupo Antolin, Iberdrola, Cellnex TelecomCegasa Energy or real.

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