MAI has created a helicopter fuel system model that protects itself from fire in the event of an accident.

Moscow Aviation Institute has developed a virtual model of the fuel system of the Ka-226 helicopter. This was reported to by the press service of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

The fuel system of the Ka-226 helicopter is one of the large-scale projects of the MAI Competence Center “Energy Systems”, in which 12 units should be created. During the development of the project, scientists not only created the units themselves, but also issued working sets of design documents, prototypes produced and tested. The native crash-proof fuel system will protect the rotorcraft from fuel spills and ignition during hard landings and accidents. Now MAI has created its own virtual model.

“Previously, either chipboard prototyping and other improvised means were used to visualize a product, or prototypes were created from metals. However, this requires additional large time, resource and material costs. Augmented reality technology makes it possible to implement the process much more efficiently,” says Dmitry Sukhanov, Head of Energy Systems Competence Center AR/VR.

With the help of augmented reality, you can see this model at the HeliRussia exhibition at the Crocus Expo IEC from 19-21 May. Virtual models are not only needed for promotion to visitors. It helps designers evaluate the accuracy of products under development and visually check dimensions and layout solutions, while the installation model of a crash-proof fuel system visually demonstrates its functionality and familiarizes personnel with high-tech equipment before starting work.

Source: Gazeta


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