If you have an idea about prefabricated pools Maybe you’re thinking of a completely unsightly blue plastic model and you think it won’t look good in your garden or landscape. Putting a structure with these features in your home may delay you when you buy, but it doesn’t have to be like this.


  • This is the pool with chaise longues sweeping Leroy Merlin.

  • Leroy Merlin has the perfect (and inexpensive) pool cleaner for your pool

  • Leroy Merlin pools: three removable models for less than 160 euros

In this article we will talk about some prefabricated pools they are aesthetically different and can be perfectly adapted to your decorative tastes, as they integrate much better in almost any environment. we are talking about swimming pools wooden. Yes, wood. So it’s starting to sound better now?

The most common is that they use wood. pine and oak Because they are very durable and durable and are processed to perfectly withstand moisture. Also, you don’t need to disassemble it if you don’t want it, you can leave it stationary throughout the year.

Prefabricated wooden pools in El Corte Inglés

Diving on the website of El Corte Inglés, we found models of wooden swimming pools K2O sold in stores. All but one are round and the difference is that you can select it. sand or cartridge treatment plant.

The sand filter works as a filtering agent with which the pool is cleaned. It is more expensive, but the sand only needs to be changed every one or two years. If this system attracts your attention the most, you have a model consisting of a wooden pool and Valsaín pine measuring 315×105 cm. It has a capacity of 6,148 liters, a drain valve for discharge and a sand treatment plant of 3,028 l/h. Also includes a ladder. its price 1,610, 25 euros.

PREFABRICATED POOLS | Wooden models are more aesthetic than traditional ones English Court

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If you are looking for a larger pool, you have the same but 375×127 centimeters, 10,250 liters capacity and the same treatment plant. Price 1,899.95 €. If it still falls short, you can choose a maximum of 465×127 cm and 16,015 liters per. 2,76.15 €.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a wooden pool with a replaceable paper cartridge filter, you have two models: 315×105 cm, with a capacity of 6,148 liters and a filter of 1,249 l/h (1,659 €) and a 375×127 cm treatment plant (€1,804.95)