Good weather comes and with it the desire to sunbathe, go to the beach and cool off in the pool. Children and adults are enjoying the nice weather, and now restrictions have been eased even more due to the coronavirus. But if the pandemic has brought anything, it’s the desire to have. own spaceat home, a place where you can enjoy it (just in case).


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so if you have a large terrace or a second home and you want to seize a placement opportunity removable poolWe found three models to serve you at Carrefour and You will not need to spend more than 900 Euros. Note that we are talking about steel pools, not typical tubular or inflatable pools, which are cheaper but also less durable.

Cheap removable pools at Carrefour

This swimming pool more economical What we found on the website of the French company is a pool with steps and a white steel filter, three meters in diameter and 120 centimeters high. It has a 30/100-thick blue liner, a 4m3/h Aqualoon treatment plant with filter media, hoses and scrapers, and a 7.418-liter capacity.

This model has anti-violet and galvanizing, phosphating, priming and polishing, which delays the aging of PVC. There is also a security access ladder with a platform and three steps. If you want to install it in your house, you will need a minimum of 350×350 centimeters of space on a flat, level, rootless ground. its price 778.99 €.

CARREFOUR SWIMMING POOLS | The three cheapest models on your website carrefoursa

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The next inexpensive model we found has larger dimensions than its predecessor: 488 centimeters in diameter and 122 in height, with a capacity of 19,156 liters. The Ultra Frame XTR INTEX model includes a sand treatment plant with a filtration capacity of 4,500 liters/hour (sand not included), safety ladder, carpet and blanket. It is made of a very durable material and is gray on the outside and simulates tile on the inside. its price 850 euros.

Finally, we have the Azuro pool, 360 centimeters wide and 120 high. This pool is different from the others in that its exterior resembles rattan, a type of wicker, giving it a more rustic look and being more decorative. It has a 0.5 mm thick PVC liner with a capacity of 12,000 liters. It has stairs and a sewage treatment plant and it is inclined. 899 euros.