“The main enemy of the state is Satanism.” What else did Ramzan Kadyrov say?

Satanism and schizophrenia

Kadyrov believes that NATO countries are trying to destroy Russia’s culture and accused the North Atlantic Alliance of Satanism.

“The main enemy of our state is Satanism. And they (NATO countries – socialbites.ca) are doing everything to tear us apart and kill, completely destroy our culture. So that we can forget our history, our heroes. We see how they demolished monuments in Ukraine and elsewhere. What did they do to the ambassador in Poland? “These are inhuman tricks, this is satanism,” he said.

According to him, Russia is fighting today “not against Ukraine, but against NATO”.

“We would have cleared Ukraine much earlier”

Kadyrov is confident that if it were not for the President’s order to protect the population and cities, the Russian Armed Forces would have “cleaned” Ukraine long ago.

“If the President had not ordered to protect the population and cities as much as possible, then we would have cleared Ukraine a long time ago. We are the combined armed forces (countries – socialbites.ca). There is nothing wrong with that,” says the leader of Chechnya.

He also made sure that the special operation in Ukraine went according to plan.

“The situation is calm, we are going according to the plan, the president gave us a task, we are fulfilling it 100%. “There were mistakes at first, but now we are going 100% according to plan and we will save Ukraine from these demons,” he said.

According to Kadyrov, Russia does not need mobilization, the citizens themselves need to unite.

“The question is often asked: Is it true that there will be mobilisation? And I answer: no one should declare mobilization. “We must all take action, stand around our president and ensure the security of our state,” he said.

He later told reporters that another 200 volunteers from Chechnya went to participate in a special operation in Ukraine.

The leader of Chechnya stated that the Chechen soldiers wanted to fight “against the demons” and said, “There are many applications, 200 volunteers have been sent today, most of them Russians.”

Kadyrov also suggested that the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal plant could be exchanged, but the “ideological Bandera” could be exchanged.

“Soldiers can be exchanged, but these ideological Bandera followers should not be replaced under any circumstances, they should be punished by law,” he said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 694 soldiers, 29 wounded, surrendered from Azovstal in the last 24 hours as of Wednesday morning. In just two days, 959 people laid down their arms, 80 of whom were wounded.

friendship with Peskov

The leader of Chechnya also told reporters that he is friends and is always in touch with the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“Actually, Dmitry Sergeyevich and I are family friends, but there are times when I do not like his statements,” Kadyrov said.

He explained that after Putin’s press conference, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the press secretary that Chechen journalists were not allowed to ask questions.

“The questions about me are very provocative and should answer these questions. These are purely working moments, and therefore we are always in touch, correspondence, we are family friendly. Family, children come to visit. But some think that Kadyrov said something about Peskov, war will break out, problems will arise. “I have to protect my people and my region,” he said.

Mentioning Kadyrov’s criticism in his speech on the eve of Peskov, Peskov said that they have “very good relations” and sometimes “criticize each other in a friendly way”.

“My Big Mistake”

Kadyrov also said he could have prevented a second Chechen military incursion “if he had thought like today”.

“There were shortcomings. I always think that if I had thought like today in 1996-1998 and knew the situation like today, I would have destroyed Basayev, Khattab and the others. Then I had the opportunity. And there would be no second military campaign. This is my big mistake, I did not have the mind and vision for it, ”the politician concluded.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke at the New Horizons training marathon of the Information Society and spoke with journalists. He said that the special operation in Ukraine went according to plan, but mistakes were made in the beginning. The politician also said that the German chancellor was acting like a schizophrenic and accused NATO of Satanism. Kadyrov’s main statements are in the socialbites.ca article.

Source: Gazeta


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