In Vigo, a 4-year-old girl died after being struck by a metal piece.

Tragic accident in Bembrive (Vigo). A 4-year-old girl died Monday afternoon In a house near Meixoeiro Hospital in Baixada Castelo, after he received a strong blow to the head with a piece of metal that appeared to be playing with small children outside the house.

Although the 112 emergency service initially reported that it was an umbrella stick that caused the accident, this was eventually ignored and different sources consulted stated that it was an umbrella stick. “U” shaped iron structure supported on a wall of the house. There were different effects, indicating that some work was done at home, such as sand and metal rods.

The National Police took over the investigation into the incident, which caused a great shock in the Vigo neighborhood.

It all happened around 17:45. One person reported to 112 that a small child was seriously injured in the head and was bleeding a lot. The National Police and 061 acted immediately, and the Local Police went there. little girl, skull fractureHe went into cardiorespiratory arrest, and despite all efforts, the toilets could no longer do anything to save his life because he would later be confirmed to the emergency room. Being notified of the death, this brought the facts to the attention of the Disaster and Emergency Psychological Response Group (GIPCE), in case the girl’s family needed her intervention given the fatal outcome.

The judicial commission also got to the point where it will continue the removal of the body, which was transferred to Nicolás Peña Hospital to see if the forensic doctors at the Galician Forensic Medicine Institute (Imelga) headquarters in Vigo this Tuesday. autopsy. The Investigation Court No. 7 was in charge in the city today.

Apparently about the circumstances in which the accident occurred the girl would be playing with other minors on the farm of the house when the accident occurs. The heavy metal piece found at one point in the wall was the piece that hit the girl – without understanding how she fell – and caused the accident, which is now the subject of a police investigation by the Vigo police station.

The death of this little boy, who is only 4 years old, caused great pain in the region. A few relatives and also many neighbors have moved into the house.

Source: Informacion


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