They want 15 years to handcuff their ex after 22 hours after sneaking into their house

A abuser The accused, currently convicted, faces an additional 15 years in prison on Tuesday for illegal detention, burglary in a residential home, violating sentence and aggravated relationship and attempted murder.

The prosecution alleges that the man sneaked into Segorbe’s former partner’s Segorbe home while she was sleeping at dawn in May 2020. According to the provisional indictment, he probably did it with a friend, for whom the Public Ministry had requested a 12-year prison sentence.

After both men went to the victim’s room, they allegedly covered his mouth with their hands and then threw a powerful punch at him, making him unconscious, in which case they gagged him with two handkerchiefs tied together and a high knot. neck They covered his nose and mouth, making it difficult for him to breathe. Likewise, they tied their wrists and ankles tightly with reins, putting their arms behind them.

However, despite these circumstances, the victim briefly regained consciousness, and how could one of the intruders ask the other, “Shall we kill him?” He could hear the other say, “Let him die, let him die” .

According to the provisional document of the prosecutor’s office, the woman remained in the lateral ulna position for not less than 22 hours. He was eventually found and rescued by agents of the Civil Guard. When assisted, the victim showed unconsciousness, a weak pulse, and bruises on the lower and upper extremities.

Also, on the occasion of this whole situation, the intruders received a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone worth 180 euros.

As a result of the above, the woman suffered multiple crushes with bruises, general pain and circular abrasions on her wrists and ankles. As a psychological sequel, the Public Prosecutor cites reactive depressive anxiety disorder with post-traumatic stress.

The defendants have been deprived of their liberty since their arrest in May 2020, and this Tuesday they took the dock in the Provincial Court to respond to these events. The trial is expected to continue on Wednesday and Thursday.

In addition to 15 and 12 years in prison for the defendants, the Public Ministry argues in the civil liability division that the woman be awarded 180 euros for the stolen phone, 300 euros for the injuries sustained and 6,000 euros more for non-pecuniary damage. caused.

The woman’s ex-wife had already been convicted of sexist harassment.

Source: Informacion


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