Nearly lost his finger from being bitten while brokering a fight in Zaragoza.

HThey had spent the whole night partying at the Garden nightclub and decided to follow him inside a house in Valencia de la Avenida. The capital of Aragon, however, ended with an argument between a couple three in dungeons, a woman about to lose a finger from a bite He took it and another man with a cut on his head that required four stitches. A little girl who witnessed everything.

It happened around 10:35 am on Monday. A neighbor calling room 091 was alarmed after hearing an argument between a couple that could be a case of sexist violence. Screams and blows were heard. Several police patrols quickly moved there. Aragon Superior Police Station Citizen Security Brigade GDB M, who began arresting three people; OJMP and DRER, 22 years old, of Nicaraguan descent and no criminal record.

It seems that the two are an emotional couple and an argument ensued as they had to separate a few from those present due to jealousy. As a result, an ambulance had to help a woman first, although there were toilets. They agreed to transfer him to Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza. because the condition of the pinky finger of his right hand required urgent surgical intervention in order not to lose it due to the bite.

In parallel, one of the men was transferred to Nuestra SeƱora de Gracia hospital with a bleeding from the head, but was arrested for the injury charge. it was for others gender violence and her for domestic violence.

All, Defended by Antonio Bellot and Carlos CulebrasThey spent the night in dungeons and will be placed at the disposal of the Investigation Court No. 1 of the Aragonese capital, which is on duty today.

Source: Informacion


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