“I didn’t know how to stop choking her, I couldn’t control myself”

“Please, let me live,” pleaded his victim and roommate yesterday as the defendant clasped his neck tightly until he suffocated as he climbed onto it before a popular jury. “It was hard for me to kill him, but I didn’t want to, I didn’t strangle him like in the movies,” explains the alleged perpetrator of this crime, which was allegedly committed at a social health center in Barx (Valencia) in November. 2019. The alleged murderer says, “I didn’t know how to stop choking her, no I’m controlling myself.” impulsivity problems and dysfunctional personality traitsaggravated by to consume From the age of twelve, narcotics would lead his family to intern at said mixed housing for the elderly and mentally ill, where he took the life of another 58-year-old prisoner seven months after he was admitted. .

However, how much did this attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affect him while performing the actions? This is the key issue in the lawsuit that started yesterday against Rabah MGM, 23, of French descent. For prosecution and private charge, these character-type problems – antisocial, borderline, and histrionic personality – have slightly altered their cognitive and volitional abilities, so they only consider one. analog debilitating mental disturbance. While the defense wants a full defense to realize that he was unaware of what he did.

The Public Prosecutor made a request for the defendants 17 years in prison for murderprogressed as Levante-EMV, a newspaper belonging to the same group as this media, while appreciating the betrayal in the attack, because the victim had no chance to defend himself because of the age difference (the attacker was 37 years younger) and the defendant’s obesity. This is the second question popular jurors have to explain.

Prosecution seeks 17 years in prison for extenuating manslaughter with psychic alteration

In his statement, the defendant claimed that the two had an argument on the night of the incident. November 9, 2019 after scolding his partner for some excrement. “I’m disgusted at how you got out of the bathroom”he insisted, criticizing that this was not the first time and that no one from the residence paid any attention to him. So, according to his version, there was a fight in which his victim tried to defend himself by scratching his hands.

He admits to squeezing his neck with his hands for over a minute and a half, but at the same time tries to argue that the rupture of his trachea was caused by the victim falling to the ground in the struggle between the two. . After killing him, he admits to putting him back to bed. cleaned the blood on the floor and took the stained shirt and sheets to the laundromatAll these actions to hide his guilt do not suit someone who is in the middle of the epidemic.

He also lied when he went to seek help, saying that he was “not breathing” and saying that his partner had died alone. He later said that he fell out of bed. Nine days later, while under the scrutiny of the Civil Guard, he confessed to a worker and he would kill someone else if they didn’t lock him up.

Rabah said that “the world was thrown on the hill” because I chose to go to prison to continue in the center.because he believed he would have more freedom to buy drugs there. “Now I realize you’re not better in prison.”

Could crime have been prevented?

The third controversial issue is Possible legal liability of Barx residence Because the place where the crime was committed did not provide the tools necessary to prevent a troublesome inmate from taking the life of his roommate, who had already attacked other colleagues or even psychiatric staff. The special prosecutor’s office, which sees it as a secondary legal responsibility like the central prosecutor, argues that they should create an isolation protocol to protect both itself and third parties, and that it has not taken any measures despite the events. type of surveillance.

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