A conciliatory profile to replace Medel at the Unicaja Foundation

De brilliant academic profile, very intelligent finance area; has a commendable working capacity; didactic and meticulous; stubborn and slow at the same time… These and other adjectives serve to describe the Malaga man in the words of those who knew him or met him. Jose Manuel Dominguezuntil very recently, he is the director of Unicaja Banco and, as announced last week, will succeed Braulio Medel as head of the Unicaja Foundation. enormous management crisisAt the head of an institution that continues to be the majority shareholder of Unicaja Banco, which concentrated 30.2% of its titles, great uncertainty still remains as to when effective change will occur.

Domínguez, 63, holds a PhD in Economic Sciences and is a professor of Applied Economics at the same university. University from Malaga (UMA) Public Finance, Economic Policy and Political Economy Branch, and has more than a hundred academic articles published in scientific journals, as well as several economics books on both the public and financial sectors. And despite his growing responsibilities at Unicaja Banco over the last three decades (since its founding, he has worked at the organization from Caja de Ronda and was responsible for the bank’s Technical Secretary for the last six years), Even when he was the full-time vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, he never stopped teaching. and also getting a badge of honor from this institution. This passion for teaching was also the seed of the financial education project in 2005. edufinet Unicaja, of which he was the organizer and continued as the president of the company.

Classical music fan, great reader and sports lover (he actually loves basketball he was president of Unicaja for a while, and played volleyball as a young man), Domínguez is also described as a “close, simple and prudent” person, with a tremendous work capacity and a very conciliatory attitude, all factors that are respected by everyone. fields. it is remarkable Good alignment with unions during his time as manager of Unicaja Banco During the years when the Human Resources department was in charge. Centers like UGT and CESICA have always described him as someone very concerned with the improvement needs of the bank’s workforce and as one of the architects of the good working environment traditionally experienced in the institution (remember, Unicaja presented its ERE last year, no longer in charge of that division).

Domínguez left Unicaja last February, and according to industry sources this paper refers to, The “voluntary dismissal” is due to the wish expressed by the person in the previous year to be able to devote more time to his studies at the University in the following years. “It wasn’t early retirement or it wasn’t registered with the ERE,” these sources point out, refusing to part with any management-related issues after Unicaja and Liberbank’s merger.

However, on Domínguez’s path the possibility of heading the Unicaja Foundation, after the PP and PSOE, the two major parties running the administrations represented in the Foundation had agreed on his name. joint candidate to replace the controversial Medel (although he was the one who finally announced it ahead of time last week).

The truth is that Medel, who announced that he would leave when the compliance report requested by the Undersecretariat of Banking Foundations was prepared at that time, said, may delay this departure until June 24 Eventually, this department of the Ministry of Economy allows the Unicaja Foundation to extend its requested work to be prepared at the request of the Baker Mckenzie law firm.

Another option would be to dismiss Medel by votes of the trustees in an extraordinary board of trustees convened for this purpose, but so far and despite the existence of a board of trustees criticizing the management of the Foundation president, this has not yet occurred. Some attribute this to the alleged difficulty found by the parties, particularly the PSOE, to persuade employers into their orbit.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, insisted again on the need to speed up the president’s departure, still in a message on his social networks Sunday-Monday night: “It is extremely urgent to change Medel. By José Manuel Domínguez at the Unicaja Foundation!! Employers who do not support this change.” has now become an accomplice of the Medel-Menéndez alliance, and activity and work have been evacuated from Málaga to the former Liberbank area”.

Source: Informacion


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