Finding housing in Russia has become easier

The service for renting and selling real estate “Cyan” has become the leader in Russia in terms of the quality of advertising in the category of secondary real estate, according to the results of a study by MASMI Russia, which is part of the international research group. MASMI Research Group of companies.

The study was carried out by telephone interview method in 25 regions of Russia in March-April 2022. Its main task was to analyze the leading real estate ads (Cyan, Avito, DomClick and Yandex Real Estate) for the quality of the ad base. Researchers checked the accuracy of the information stated in the advertisement and whether it reached the user who placed the property.

So, according to the results of the study, among all real estate advertisements, the highest value of the advertising credibility index in the category “sales of secondary real estate” belongs to Cian in Moscow – 91.58%.

“This means that first-time users of the service will be able to access almost any ad on the site, and the information stated in the ad will be accurate,” the study says.

In March 2022, on average for the capital market, only 3 out of 5 real estate sales advertisements were relevant among all postings. Yandex Real Estate service takes the second place with a reliability parameter value of 75.14 percent. DomClick and Avito took third and fourth places with 61.7 percent and 57.4 percent.

Cyan also occupies a leading position in terms of the quality of the advertising base in other leading regions of the Russian Federation. For example, in April, St. The value of the reliability indicator of announcements about the sale of secondary real estate on the site in St. Petersburg was 88.57%, in Yekaterinburg – 88.33%, in Novosibirsk – 86.79% and in Omsk – 81.33%.

It is stated that Cyan resources are visited monthly by 19.5 million unique users who want to buy, sell or rent residential or commercial real estate in 2021. In addition, professionals and property owners place 2 million relevant ads without considering the company’s data in the first place.

Source: Gazeta


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