This rug It is a textile that we associate more with winter. But now that the good weather has come, you can place a bet on home textiles at this address. lighter tones and light texture.


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So this is a good time to renew textiles and if you do it at a good price, much better. This is the case (and we’re not surprised) the best-selling Ikea rug. It’s all about the carpet typhoid. It is the perfect piece to place at the foot of the sofa or under the dining table in your living room. If you like to have a large rug in that part of the house, it’s also ideal to put it at the foot of the bed.

Because it is made in a soft, natural material is lightweight and easy to move for washing (even in the washing machine) and for airing. Since it has a flat fabric, if you decide to put it under your dining table, it will not be difficult to move the chairs and you will be able to vacuum easily.

It also has a big advantage: it adapts to any floor, even if you have underfloor heating. Although they recommend including the non-slip protector if you want to use it safer than the Ikea website. Stop Filtershould cover the entire bottom surface of the part.

Ikea rug | This rug in shades of gray is made of cotton. IKEA SPAIN

The dimensions of this rug are 120×180 centimeters, you can choose it in a natural color with a fine black drawing and it will cost you dearly. 10 euros. If you are looking for this rug in a larger size, it is 155×220 cm in size but available in black with natural pattern. In this case it will cost you 19 euros.

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More popular rugs at Ikea

Undoubtedly, Ikea has a wide range of rugs and among the most popular are, Lohal’s. It is a durable piece of natural jute, ideal for a Scandinavian style home dominated by wood and fibres. You can place it in your dining area as it is flat and easy to vacuum. It measures 160×230 centimeters and will cost you 89 euros. But you also have a larger model: 200×300 cm it will cost you €129ideal for an interior terrace or a large living room, for example.