Buffalo massacre pits US against rise of white supremacist terrorism again

explosive cocktail racism, extreme radicalization and gun violencealigned with iinfluence of social networks, It exploded again in the USA on Saturday with the massacre at a supermarket in the poor and black neighborhood of Buffalo, north of New York. Is there a 18 year old white teenIdentified as Payton Gendron by authorities, left 10 dead, 3 injured, 11 black victimsin what is being formally investigated “hate crime”indigenous racially motivated extremism”.

On the same Saturday, Gendron surrendered to the scene and latercharged with first degree murderThis leaves him with a life sentence. You may also be charged according to a state rule that covers:local acts of terrorism motivated by race”. There is no similar law at the federal level in the USA.

conspiracy theories

As with other massacres such as two mosques in Christchurch, as in the 2015 massacres at a black church in South Carolina in the USA, in 2018 at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and in 2019 at a shopping mall in Texas. 51 Muslims Killed, Buffalo Shooter Killed in New Zealand great substitution conspiracy theory. It defines in racial and immigrant diversity so-called enemies domination of the white racehas, until recently, only acted on the most radical and extreme fringes and ultra-internet forums. However, it is gaining ground in the conservative American mainstream, largely driven by influential voices like that of FoxNews star host Tucker Carlson.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia”pure evil act“, everything horribly calculated by Gendron, who published his actions excitementAmazon platform and a 180 page manifestodefined as “sneo-Nazi, white supremacist and terrorist”.

racial target

Young man he had deliberately chosen his target. The original and resident of Conklin, a small, rural, predominantly white town of 5,000 on the Pennsylvania border, targeted Buffalo, about three and a half hours’ drive. This was no coincidence: the Canadian border city of less than 300,000 has a black population of 35%.

Black women holding a Black Lives Matter poster near a Buffalo supermarket. REUTERS

there was young days and hours with more activity were examined in detail In the supermarket that came as a blessing 19 years ago grounded and popular black neighborhood Until the opening of trade, a dish was “desert”. According to a study by the University of Michigan, Buffalo historical effects of institutionalized racial discrimination and is the sixth largest city left the USA

Once again, Gendron’s actions firearms. Looks like the young man bought legal wreck a few months ago Bushmaster XM-15 assault rifle He set fire to customers of the establishment, including an 88-year-old grandmother, first in the supermarket parking lot, and then after he vainly killed a security guard who tried to stop him. However, the assault weapon changed and the young man parapetado with tactical equipment, including a bulletproof vest and helmet, also had a gun. Illegal high capacity charger.

domestic terrorism

massacre 198 faithful mass shootings that have occurred so far this year in the US. It once again confronts the nation with many of its incurable, rooted or worsening problems. And again, it led to words of condemnation or demands for change, which so far have not translated into action. “We must all work together to overcome this. hate which is still stain on America’s soulThe President said this Sunday, Joe Biden.

On Saturday, the president said “any domestic terrorist actincluding those committed on behalf of disgusting white nationalist ideologycontrasts with everything we represent.” One of the problems is The United States does not have a defined federal statute to prosecute domestic terrorism. for example, despite a development call this Sunday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

According to a presentation to Congress last September by FBI Director Christopher Wray, from spring 2020 there is a federal agency Almost three times as many investigations into national terrorism cases, went from about 1,000 to about 2,700.

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