Delegations of the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation were not allowed to speak on the OSCE platform

The delegation of the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation was refused participation in the second Additional Meeting on the human dimension, an OSCE event to be held in Vienna from 16-17 May. OP said this in his statement telegraph channel.

Titled “The Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Times of Crisis,” attendees are expected to discuss the role of national and local institutions, as well as freedom of assembly and media freedom.

‚ÄúRepresentatives of the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation planned to share the experience of Russian NGOs in the field of local self-government, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly with their foreign colleagues and talk about best practices for the development of democratic institutions in our country. . But they chose not to let the Russians talk about democracy,” he said.

They reminded that earlier the participation of all members of the Russian delegation was officially confirmed and applications for accreditation were made in accordance with the requirements of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

before on OP discussed The West’s information campaign against Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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