Lost weight in Alicante Consell: two fewer ministers in nine months and only one in five senior officials

Since Ximo Puig’s arrival at the Palau de la Generalitat seven years ago, he has been one of his men. priority targets It has been trying to convey to the Valencian Community what it claims in Madrid: the structuring and decentralization of the region. For example, a challenge that allows Turn the Digital District into a major shooting pole the digital economy or Established the headquarters of a department in Alicante -Innovation- for the first time in the history of self-government. While maintaining a busy agenda in the province, today it is taking some steps to strengthen its visibility and maintain its leadership in a region where PP protects its main parapet. However, after the recent reorganization of his government, his speech has been somewhat lackluster. Alicante has lost weight at Consell in the last nine months: it has gone from five ministers to three, and the worst thing is that the proportion of only one out of five senior positions in the regional manager himself has not changed in the past two years. It is an issue that causes discomfort in business circles as well as in certain sections of the party in the province. they think it’s the truth Ana Barceló becomes a trustee of PSPV-PSOE does not compensate for damages in court. One is the executive and the other is the legislature.

First of all, after this latest government crisis, Alicante was left alone with a councilor from Alicante in Botànic’s socialist leg: With the new head of Innovation, Universities, Science and the Digital Society, Josephine Good, after the departure of Carolina Pascual and Ana Barceló. Of the twelve who make up the Regional Manager, only three are from the states: Josefina Bueno herself, along with Mireia Mollà and Rafa Climent, both for the Compromís quota. Botànic II premiered with five ministers from the province, among them. second vice president Rubén Martínez DalmauAnnouncing his resignation from his post at the end of August, he will face the final year of the legislature with just three.

Ximo Puig is now also preparing soon changes in the second step. Here are some moves that should definitely affect the remaining vacancies after the remodel, but could affect another position. For now, what is clear is that we need to change it. Rebeca Torró at the Regional Secretariat for Sustainable Economy After being transferred to the Ministry of Land Policy, Public Works and Mobility; To Raquel Tamarit, Autonomous Culture and Sports Secretary, who assumed the Ministry of Education; and Xelo Angulo in the General Directorate for Cooperation, as Xelo Angulo will be the person to occupy the seat he vacated in the Valencian Parliament following Manolo Mata’s departure.

However, beyond the changes that may occur in the second step in the coming days, the truth is that the province has not come out very well from the movements among top officials so far. Currently Consell’s organizational chart consists of around 140 representatives between undersecretaries, regional secretaries and directorates general, but only twenty representatives from the province, most of them general directors. Only two of the twelve undersecretaries, Verónica López and Rafa Briet, are from Alicante; While there are only three representatives from the province in the 27 regional secretariats that make up the organizational chart of Generalitat: Carmen Beviá from Universities and Research; Toñi Serna, Cooperation and Democratic Quality; and Inmaculada Orozco of Regional Policy, Urbanism and Landscape.

The Presidency situation, where twenty senior positions have been appointed and four of them, and in particular Zulima Pérez, is the head of the Social Dialogue Coordination is significant; Ana Berenguer in Analysis and Public Policy; Herick Campos, In Tourism; and Pere Rostoll in Informational Relationships; This is a position that has not been integrated into the Manager’s organizational chart, after Antonio Torres left Elche as Director-General of Relations with the Courts in February to take over the reins of the City of Arts and Sciences. His replacement was Ana Domínguez, deputy general secretary of PSPV-PSOE.

So we’ll see what happens in step two and with the Alicante share. For now, from certain socialist sections of Alicante, already move to try to find a suitable place Francesc Sanguino, socialist municipal spokesperson at Alicante City Council, occupies one of the second-tier positions, thereby trying to pacify the group and paving the way for municipal elections which will be held next year.

Opening and handover of portfolio to new Minister of Innovation

The Palau de la Generalitat is hosting the inauguration of Consell’s new members first thing this Monday morning. It will be at half past nine in the morning, because in just an hour and a half the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez visits Mislata with Consell president Ximo Puig. In the afternoon, with the city of Alicante and the Digital Zone as the stage, the portfolio is expected to be handed over during an action attended by the new Regional Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society Josefina Bueno. It is reported that the President of the Generalitat will also attend.

Source: Informacion


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