A fugitive from Swedish justice arrested for money laundering in Torrevieja

In Torrevieja, the National Police arrests an alleged fugitive who escaped Swedish justice illegal money He managed to evade 2,433,362.51 Swedish kronor (222,611.31 euros) via multiple bank transfers from one account to another, as reported by the Alicante Provincial Commissioner this Sunday.

Person arrested in March 2020, via cheating and an account, italian company, transferred the aforementioned money to a collaborator and gave him specific instructions on what to do with the money he received in his account. From that moment on, a series of transfers began to take place from this collaborator’s account on the plot to other accounts.

The arrested Swedish fugitive transferred money from another collaborator’s account to an account in his own name, while the first collaborator who received the full amount transferred all the money to a company in the Scandinavian country. .

Then, from that company’s account, the money began to quickly transfer back to other accounts, first to the account of the other three collaborators involved in the case, and then to another bank. lots of accounts with different ownershipwas responsible for alternately withdrawing and re-entering money and transferring it to other accounts.

This infinite number of transfers had only one purpose. change costume the fact that all this is money came from crimes or criminal activities and avoid detection by the authorities of the claiming country.

Investigators examining the plaintiff country’s case, after collecting all the data, made a credible statement to the judicial authorities that the arrested person knew that the money had come from criminal activities.

Since there are clear suspicions that a fugitive may have settled in parts of the stateAll this information was brought to the attention of the Provincial Police of the Alicante National Police and a search operation was organized for him, the police found him in Torrevieja and arrested him.

Swedish national detainee, 31 yearsHe was placed at the disposal of Central Court number four of the National Supreme Court of Madrid, on guard duty, with no previous history in Spain.

Source: Informacion


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