Following Chanel’s huge success, Consell prepares 2023 Benidorm Fest

Consell, who has won an unprecedented third place in 27 years after Chanel’s success at Eurovision, wants to capitalize on the festival’s boom. Tourism Managing Director, Herick Campos, announced that, starting this Monday, Generalitat will begin to strengthen the region. national and international promotion Benidorm Fest 2023 with the aim of achieving the maximum number of influences and dissemination of the Valencian Community.

Among the planned actions to achieve further dissemination, Campos stressed that Generalitat will strengthen the promotion of the music competition at special fairs and LGTBI music and tourism events.

In addition, the expansion of the capacity of the Palacio de l’Ila de Benidorm and Creation of Benidorm Fest Village so “me fans” can follow the festival all week long with music, attendee visits, cultural events, exhibitions, talks, conferences about the festival and its history.

Campos reminded Benidorm FestivalAt the time of the premiere last January, it reached a 21% television screen share and reached 27.7% in the golden minute of the final, where the winner Chanel was announced.

Chanel in a moment of her performance at Eurovision EUROPEAN PRESS

The music contest, in which the representative person was chosen in the Eurovision Song Contest on social networks, became a “trend topic” worldwide with 358 million users. The economic impact on the Twitter network alone reached 13.3 million euros that night, and occupancy at different tourist accommodation Increased by 10%.

For the next edition, the director general of Tourism stressed that no limitations are expected due to covid-19 when Benidorm Fest announced in 2023 that it will be “the week of Benidorm Fest. Music performances and cultural events throughout the cityIt allows visitors to fully enjoy this great festival”.

In this sense, Campos said that Generalitat will open communication channels with local and regional companies “to enable them to participate in the event” and on the other hand nationwide “eurofans” “Making Benidorm Fest an unforgivable appointment on its annual calendar”.

Benidorm Fest comes into existence at the initiative of chairman Ximo Puig, thanks to the collaboration between RTVE and Generalitat, and with the support of Benidorm City Council, and as the general manager underlines, “it started the city. Benidorm and Valencian Community at the top of the panorama Eurovision, music and important events”.

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