Eurovision comes with Chanel and sweeps the fourth best audience in history

The word that can describe Spain’s participation in Eurovision 2022 is history and how could it be otherwise accompanied by the audience. The broadcast of the festival gathered 6,835,000 spectators and achieved an amazing 50.8% viewership.. About best stock since 2008The year La 1 scored 59.3% with the participation of Rodolfo Chikilicuatre.

Special, performance channel It reached 7,262,000 viewers between 21:59 and 22:02, rising to 52.1%. Voting, meanwhile, further refined the data. This The score distribution, which brought together 7,942,000 viewers, increased to 61.3%.. The golden minute of the day was recorded at 00:57, when the final points were given and Spain was aware of a possible moment. At that time, 8,853,000 viewers were aware of what was happening, which increased La 1’s share to an exorbitant 71.6%. In total, more than 15.6 million viewers connected with the Eurovision Song Contest at some point.

And these were the overwhelming numbers direct result on the rest of the sinking chains Helpless against the Eurovision hurricane. ‘Saturday Deluxe’ ranked second with 914,000 viewers and 7.5%. ‘El Millionario’ on Antena 3 dropped to 5.8% with only 858,000 viewers. At Cuatro ‘El blockbuster’ remained at 4%. The worst stop was ‘laSexta Noche’, which was the most affected by the night with a decrease of 2.8%.

Data were normal for the rest of the day. At noon, ‘Socialit√©’ surpassed 14.7% and garnered more than 1 million viewers. In the afternoon, ‘Viva la vida’ scored 13.7% with over 1.2 million viewers.

Source: Informacion


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