Today’s grandmothers didn’t cook croquettes, they “jumped” in Movida

Two of the avant-garde’s great defenders, Spanish cuisine be known worldwide David Munozfrom Diverxo (Madrid) and Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, Guipúzcoa), a total of six michelin starsWith a reference to generations, it has solved the mystery of the now very up-to-date granny kitchen.

“Today’s grandmothers were jumping at Movida Madrileña”, Drawing attention in an interview with Muñoz at the “Cooking, community and creativity” circle held in Madrid this Thursday, Aduriz stated that that generation, to which croquettes and huge stews are attributed, does not care much about the kitchen at the moment because they do not care much about the cuisine. they “wanted to travel” just like their grandchildren.

Therefore, the Basque chef pointed out that the way to “colonize” other cuisines, as the French did with foie gras, was through this. “Different strategies with different creative forms” What he learned at avant-garde Spanish restaurants, including Mugaritz.

David Muñoz emphasized the representation of Spanish cuisine abroad by chefs such as Asturian. Jose AndresPrincess of Asturias Award of Concord for her solidarity work with NGO World Central Kitchen or Dani García from Malaga spreading local cuisine from the United States to Qatar.

Both spoke about their new project Aduriz at the Kursaal in San Sebastián. inspired by embers but without competition It shares a position with the “best in the world (grills)” and Muñoz is at RavioXO, where he wants to “free the pasta of any cultural specialties.”

They also addressed the lack of staff in the hospitality industry and acknowledged that this is a legacy where “working 15 hours a day, 7 hours a week” is normal in an area that is starting to throw it away for being more valued. your life is special.

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