Atlas 18-0 Chivas: The legend of the ghost victory of the Clásico Tapatío

There are certain things in this life that affect pride in such a way that they cannot be taken in silence. chivas Yes Atlas they engage in one of the most intense rivalries in Mexican football, so much so that several of those involved on the Flock side say the demand is greater against Foxes than against America.

It is then that it must be understood that this is not a simple derby, it is a war with no end or solution. Therefore, even the most nonchalant fan of the Rojiblancos is not in a position to bite their tongue at the athlete’s sting that causes the most outrageous score to exist between the two sides.


Those were different times. The football distances that today award Chiverío a dozen professional titles compared to two Rojinegros trophies have not yet been achieved. It was about a feud between two leading teams in the western competition, with great talents who played life or death games in amateurism.

Therefore, a bad afternoon, combined with a big rival, can end in total tragedy for a team. But… 18 to 0? Eighteen goals in 90 minutes against your biggest rival matters in any context. So much so that more than 90 years after the alleged event, it remains a major point of contention and debate for fans of both clubs.

Legend Atlas 18-0 Chivas

The story tells that that athletics afternoon took place in January 1917. Guadalajara and Atlas completely clashed Mexican Revolution, with a cast from Verde Valle who lined up pioneers like the brothers

Fernandez del Valle, the Orendains Yes Francis Quintero, among other things. Apparently he sent his biggest rival for that marker, which was commemorated in a document of the time, so exposed, without much explanation or context.

The story has continued as a tale of ancestors, passed down from generation to generation, revived as part of a special report in a city newspaper in 1965, in full swing of the champion Chivas. El Informador, the cited source, republished the photo with the scandalous marker, calling the piece as “football memories †

There are also replicas. James Gomez called it “a” monument to liesand gave credit to his friend, the journalist Ezequiel Aldrete, of inventing said result, as there was no record of the supposed fact before he published it. Aldrete claimed it was not part of an invention because it was a “llanera husk †

Such enthusiasm prompted the Tube to demand clarification from Aldrete, accusing him of feeding “the” daisy fanatics of lies, illusions and impossible dreams †
For better or for worse, we can use the words of the former goalkeeper to express the feeling of the red and white nation on the subject; one that, for sure, the Red and Black people won’t give up on telling.

Source: Goal


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