Prosecution will appeal sentence of Murcia priest convicted of harassment: seeks more years in prison

The Public Department thinks it’s proven Sexually abused a child before the age of 13punishment behind bars would be increased: they sentenced him to seven years and nine months in prison and receive a prison sentence of up to 10 or 12 years.

“The County Court was of the opinion that it had not been proven that this happened before that age, but we We understand that it has been tested“He stands out from the Office of the Prosecutor, led by José Luis Díaz Manzanera, who has always been determined to fight the scourge of harassment within the Church. The appeal is made to the High Court of Justice of Murcia (TSJ).

The 5th Division of the Murcia County Court, headquartered in Cartagena, convicted the priest as the author of a crime that continues to sexually abuse a minor. 7 years and 9 months in prison. The court also imposes a ban on approaching and communicating with the victim for a period of five years longer than the term of the prison sentence in question, judicial sources said.

The judges said the minor’s statement was “permanent because shows no contradictions, neither internal nor about other expressions if it has been given before, it is at least not significant enough to understand that this inconsistency may affect the credibility of the testimony, and the time elapsed between its termination (about three or four years) needs to be taken into account in this context. abuse and first account”. And they add, “it is a statement full of details and nuances delivered with complete continuity. no doubt about”, all of which the court offers “full credibility”.

In the summer of three years ago, the bishop himself, José Manuel Lorca Planes, was the one who filed the complaint with the District Attorney of Murcia. sexual abuse a minor perpetrated up to that point by the priest Antonio L. Z. He is the parish priest of San Juan Bautista de Yecla and the chaplain of Virgen del Castillo Hospital. According to a press release issued by the Diocese of Cartagena, Lorca Planes later, along with Pope Francis, dismissed the priest based on a “zero tolerance for such behavior” policy.

As reported in February of this year by La Opinión de Murcia, a newspaper belonging to the same group as this mediathey weighed on this priest two complaints for sexual abuse and one complaint for sexual assault. In the first, victims reported suffering. to touch by that religion In these cases, the Prosecutor’s Office sought two sentences, five years in one case and four and six years in the other (because he probably abused two children with whom they had some sort of relationship). As for sexual assault, including attempted penetration of a minor, the Prosecutor’s Office requested 12 years in prison.

Born in Monteagudo (Murcia), Father Antonio passed through San Pedro del Pinatar, where he remained until 2013, when he was expelled from his Parochial Vicar position in the San Pedro Apóstol parishes of San Pedro del Pinatar. ) and Our Lady of the Rosary of El Mirador in San Javier to be ordained as parish priest at his hometown, San Juan Bautista de Yecla. Episode after Lorca Planes complaint.

Source: Informacion


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