Neighbors of prisoner who killed his wife in Tenerife: ‘He was an enormous pimp and very macho’

“Identifiable, rude and very macho”. This is how residents and traders of the Teis neighborhood describe 83-year-old Ángel Martínez from Redonda, who was accused of stabbing his wife to death in the Tenerife town of Los Cristianos on Wednesday. Instead, 82-year-old Clotilde Rodriguez has only good words: “She was such a good woman,” they say.

Both lived on Calle Sanjurjo Badía, but spent many years wintering in the Canary Islands, where one of their two daughters lived for health reasons.

The acquaintances of the couple consulted by FARO DE VIGO, a media organization belonging to the same publishing group as this newspaper, said that the couple always he had conflicts because of his character, shirtless and a “great pimp” who likes to use flashy chains and gold rings. He also bragged about staying in Tenerife. Exactly about five years ago, the neighbors confirm that Ángel started going alone to the island while Clotilde was staying in Vigo. Again, They had decided to meet again this year.

The couple were also well known in the Berbés market, where they operated a fish stall.

Arrested after being discharged from hospital

After the crime, Ángel Martínez self-harmed and was transferred to a hospital. There he remained in police custody, and after he was discharged, arrestedAs reported by sources from the Government Delegation.

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed this morning that the incident is being investigated as a sexist crime, making Clotilde the fourteenth death recorded so far in Spain this year.

Source: Informacion


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