RIA Novosti: Russian air defense shot down two cluster missiles on the outskirts of Kherson

Russian air defense systems shot down two cluster missiles over Ukrainian Kherson, reports DEA News” with reference to a source in power structures.

“According to preliminary data, the Russian air defense shot down two missiles with a cluster warhead on the northern outskirts of Kherson,” he said.

Formerly RIA Novosti reported About the explosions in the center of Kherson, preliminary preparation due to the shelling of Ukrainian forces. According to the agency, at least six consecutive explosions occurred in the city, which lasted for several minutes.

The media reported that explosion sounds were heard in Kherson on May 9, and air defense systems were working. Security forces stated that five air targets were hit near the village of Chernobaevka, and the missiles were directed to the northern part of the city.

The day before, the deputy head of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, said that the military-civilian administration of the region plans to appeal to Russia with a request to accept the region into the federation.

Source: Gazeta


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