This is a classic. you buy air conditioning, they install it for you and you go there to launch it with all the functionality it includes. You look at the control of the machine and you are stunned: you do not understand anything. The number of buttons and functions they have overwhelms you and you use the instructions to try to shine a light through so much information.


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Here we will try to simplify all these indicators a little, although it is complex, since each brand has its own design and image to indicate one or another action. To try to cover most of the signals, we will collect the most used ones and how they indicate them.

Climate symbols

  • icon open it is very universal. Usually there is a circle and a vertical bar in the middle. It is used to turn the internal machine on and off.

  • This up or down arrows or the plus and minus symbols are symbols that allow you to increase or decrease the degrees of the device.

  • symbol rising bars It is used to regulate the temperature level or the speed of the chamber.

  • button MOD For example, it lets you choose the mode the air is in, whether it’s hot, cold, auto or eco. This will depend on the model you buy.

  • a symbol sun. The device will start to give hot air. You can also find it by word. HEAT.

  • a symbol snowflake. Cooling mode activated. The same goes if you find a button that contains the word. COOL

  • one or more Raindrops Used to activate the dehumidification mode. You will also find by word DRY.

  • This the wings of a fan indicate that it has fully enabled the fan function. This button also appears with the word: FAN.

  • If you see a symbol To watch Press and you can activate the function to program your air conditioner. Normally you will have the functionality to turn it on or off.

  • if you see several arrows forming a circle or square means this is automatic mode. You can also describe it with words. AUTO.

  • Also if they show up several arrows pointing together in different directions They usually indicate that the movement function of the split slats is activated and thus begins to oscillate.

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These are the buttons you’ll find on most air conditioners in general. It is not difficult to identify and is common to most brands. If in doubt, you know, the answer is in the instructions.