Cycling on the rise in Spain: record sales, revenue and production

Cycling is climbing the sustainable mobility rankings in Spain like never before. According to the figures of sector employers, 1,571,368 units were sold last year, breaking a record again.. National manufacturers, turnovers, sales points, as well as the production of electric bicycles, which are in ever-increasing demand, are increasing. Never before has the industry had such a healthy or such a promising prospect.

According to the latest report from the Spanish Association of Brands and Cycles (AMBE) and Cofidis, the bicycle industry will bill 10.7% more in Spain in 2021 than in the previous year. Record turnover of 2,887 million euros

It also highlights the consolidation of the national industry, with a 7.14% growth in the number of Spanish producers and employment growth of nearly 3%. Sales, repair and rental points increased to 3,028 establishments. Right now, According to the research in question, approximately 25,000 families in Spain live directly from the sector.

However, as sales doubled between 2015 and 2021, this is just another year in an already long streak of promotions, as the chart below shows:

Sales evolution AMBE

Other reports, such as those issued by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, show that Bicycle production in Spain increased by 75.1% in 2021 and exports increased by almost 50%.

“Supply problems limited the growth of the industry but also had the effect of pulling production to the final consumer. Jesús Freire, AMBE secretary general, stressed that the bicycle industry has made a decisive contribution to reindustrialisation, job creation and new jobs in Spain.

The head of this entity, Javier López, points out: “The trend to act in a healthier and more sustainable way is consolidatingand this is having a very positive economic, environmental and health impact for Spanish society”.

Sales by modality and average prices AMBE

Electric bike sales are in their golden age. In 2021, the limit of 200,000 units sold, with a total of 223,561 units, was exceeded again. There are currently 900,000 units in circulation in Spain, making them the largest number of electric vehicles in the country.

The increase in the average price of a bicycle in Spain moderated, increasing by 14.9% in 2021 to an average of 984 euros compared to 865 euros in 2020. However, this increase in average prices is due to the increase in price. mountain bikes and above all electric bikes (2,861 euros).

To be exact, cycling is encouraged by all governments, such as: means helping to combat CO2 emissions, especially in cities. The European Union and the Spanish Government envisage, in their regulations, the creation of decarbonised areas, which means fertile ground for the proliferation of cycling as a means of transport in cities.

bike shop area of ​​interest

However, manufacturers regret that, despite its decisive role in sustainable mobility, the electric bicycle has not been able to benefit from the economic assistance given by the Government to other types of vehicles powered by this energy source.


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