In most cases, our biggest fear is when installing or commissioning the device. air conditioning Energy consumption in our house is skyrocketing. The electricity bill is not enough to rocket off and you need to try to optimize it in every possible way.


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Therefore, if you are worried that your air conditioner will increase this bill too much, you may prefer to buy a machine with the following features. Presence sensor. Thanks to this advanced technology, the device adapts to the temperature when it senses that someone is in the room. This type of air is common, for example, in companies that have multiple offices or meeting rooms and where it is very common for people to turn on devices when they are inside, but not turn them off when they leave.

This may suit your home. If your air conditioner detects that there is someone in the room, it adapts to its temperature, but if there is no one, it goes into economy mode or raises the degrees to save electricity. All this depending on the characteristics of each model.

Air conditioning at Leroy Merlin

Reform and decoration giant Leroy Merlín is among the widest range of air conditioners. splits with presence detector. Therefore, the cheapest model in this series is from the brand. haier, Wi-Fi and Flexi UV with 2,000 refrigerators. It is suitable for cooling rooms up to 20 square meters and has a heat pump Inverter function so you can use it even in the coldest months of the year. Thus, it has an energy efficiency of A++ when it gives off heat, and A+++ when it is in cold mode.

This model has four fan speeds, quiet mode and presence sensors. Another of its main features is that it has antibacterial and anti-mildew filters to get cleaner air.

AIR CONDITIONER LEROY MERLIN | This is the cheapest model with presence sensor LEROY MERLIN

In terms of connectivity, it has a remote and is compatible with Google Home and Alexa to control it by voice, or you can do it from your mobile too.

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This model in white and 2,000 refrigerated is priced as follows: 699 €, it’s the same price when you decide to buy it in black or with 3000 refrigerated. Of course, if you need that extra power and want it in black as well, the price 759 euros.

Also available in both colors and 4,300 refrigerated per piece. 1.059 € and with 6,000 frigories per 1,159 euros.