A blow to drug trafficking with the arrest of the owner of a gym in Valencia for nearly two tons of cocaine

This Civil Guard stopped by Large-scale drug trafficking to Onofre GR, owner of the sports complex and nutritionist in Quart de Poblet included in an investigation by Whitening and to whom anti-narcotic agents National Police and the Armed Institute, historically Large shipment of cocaine from your port Valencia. Onofre GR, acquittal in the only case where he came to sit on the bench for a container containing about 400 kilos of cocaine, caught early today With another dozen suspectsbetween them the three stevedors of the harbor and shipping company owner.

The detainees remaining in the cells of various barracks are accused of participating in the operation. 1,617 kilos of cocaine promotion via the port of Valencia method known as ‘missing hook’: 1500 kilos they would go into a container August 24unrecovered and others 117one day later, August 25fell into the hands of the police.

agents Civil Guard between Valencian Command supported the operation. assault and dog unitsin various houses, as well as a scattered Manises, at different points, including the main prisoner’s chalet Quart de Poblet, Albania, Valencia Y alaquas, at least. In one of these searches, agents found in parcels owned by his nephew, the alleged ringleader. backhoes and industrial machines to find dumpshowever, according to the information he has access to Upgrade-EMVThe agents didn’t come to find anything.

Caught for speaking on behalf of Sky

police operation, a Open investigation thanks to Europol handing over to the Civil Guard a endless cross messages among the default members of the organization using the telephone Encrypted from Sky ECC companyWhat they ceased to be a secret a year ago, at the beginning of 2021When police analysts from France, Belgium and the Netherlands cracked the code that encrypts conversations on this platform.

All sources of solvency, report submitted by the Civil Guard, even incriminating photos allowing to associate each interlocutor of the chat with your true identity, both in Sky ECC and anchorother major system used by criminals and terrorists because of its opacity and published by the Police a few months ago, in June 2020, known by usersnotches‘ (nickname) and the owner cannot be reached by phone.

just a few weeks ago, Agents of the Civil Guard Murder Group They have Arrest all alleged perpetrators of the execution of eight bullets of Valencia narco Francisco Pozofully committed in Favara on February 11, 2021 thanks to the sky messages who crossed paths weeks and days before the murder, as reported exclusively by Upgrade-EMV. The quirks of the criminal world: That execution took place almost simultaneously where agents work Europol breaks Sky’s encryption this would allow the capture of the so-called executioners of El Pozo as they were known in that world.

Those arrested today are charged crimes drug trafficking and money laundering from this illegal activity and will be delivered on Friday 13 May Valencia Court of Order No. 1Same as who ordered another lawsuit against Onofre GR money launderingIn the investigation conducted by the Central Operations Unit (UCO) Civil Guard and the Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (Udyco) between National Police from Valencia.

Within the framework of this operation, the agencies, They arrested Onofre GR in December 2018 and they called the gymspecialized body building and where did they come from Customers include numerous civilian guards, national and local police and security guards. Valencia and many other towns, more than 12 hours, as reported by this newspaper. Judge He sent Onofre GR to prison, Despite paying 30,000 euros bail, he managed to go out soon after.

One and a half years after this intervention, in July 2020 and under the same operation, UCO and Udyco they closed the gym completely -The machines already exist since 2018- continue to be interfered with, the criminal case ordered for money laundering is expected to go to court.

Source: Informacion


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