Teatro Principal de Alicante’s history can now be read in braille

This literacy system developed by the French Louis Braille in the mid-19th centuryis an essential tool for promoting personal autonomy of those without vision and especially for facilitating their access to culture and knowledge. This catalog represents the next step in that access, because Blind or low vision people will be able to enjoy the show’s content by touch.. ONCE is already collaborating with Alicante coliseum on its inclusive zarzuela programme.

In the book of the 175th anniversary of the principal Among other topics, emotions, experiences and experiences summarized in 75 words by 119 people were collected. They wrote about the theatre. One of them Estela Medina, Director of ONCE Alicantewrote: “For ONCE, the access of blind people to culture is a motto in their daily lives and always tries to make sure that these people are not just spectators, but that participation is genuine in all disciplines. And as creative agents who help and support the cultural event, we focus on blind people who enjoy it”.

This ONCE collaboration in the catalog It was suggested by the property’s manager, who was considering the idea of ​​publishing it in braille when he visited the exhibition to sign the text. 75 words.

Estela Medina read the braille book this morning. Anthony Manresa Member of the Alicante Cultural Council, at the ceremony held in the Alicante Municipal Archive, Juana Maria Balsalobrethe author of the texts and the curator of the exhibition; Susana Llorens At the head of the Municipal Archives team; Y Mary Dolores PadillaDeputy director of the Teatro Director.

Manresa “appreciated the printing and distribution of this catalogue, as it was essential that the blind have access to culture and are not excluded from cultural offerings due to their physical limitations”. Susana Llorens valued this donation as “unique” and Juana María Balsalobre described the contribution to the Teatro Principal’s 175th Anniversary as “invaluable”.

Source: Informacion


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