These are millionaire Eurovision viewers in Spain since 1992.

Spain may not have succeeded. Eurovision for decades but TVE He never thought of giving up his publication. It makes sense, because the audience of the festival always gave a good result. First of all, those years with a big media phenomenon behind it. ‘OT’ or Rodolfo ChikilicuatreIt came out of the humorous factory of Buenafuente.

Since 1992, the first year that audience registrations were available, Eurovision has been a ‘show’ that generally appeals to the Spanish public, although it has had its ups and downs. We are reviewing them now. But here’s an interesting fact: In 1992, TVE reported the incident. 2ndsomething that is never repeated. In fact, this year, Chanel is contentious, airing on TVE-1 until the semi-finals on May 10 and 12.

In terms of viewership, according to one report, GECAmost watched Eurovision 2002, rose lopezwith him ‘Europe is having a celebration’‘. It brought 12,755,107 loyal viewers together on the small screen with an amazing 80.4% audience share. It was no less for the winner of the first ‘OT’ major television ‘screen’, which was attended by a chorus of colleagues including David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Chenoa, Gisela and Geno. He was the seventh that year disappointed by the Spanish people, who saw victory closer than ever.

Second place goes chikilicuatre and her ‘Dance the chiki chiki’A total of 9,336,054 people (59.3% of the ‘share’) saw him come to the 16th place and Silvia Abril, one of the girls of the choir, took the stage and staged her number.

Third place on the podium Bethwith him ‘Tell me’It achieved 8,790,173 followers and 58,4% share in Eurovision, in which the ‘OT 2’ finalist participated.

It is the fourth Eurovision 2018 with the most viewers. Amaya and Alfred it is also driven by the ‘OT’ (of course, full of new generation and occasional romance) phenomenon. ‘your song’. They ranked 23rd with 7,169,526 Spaniards (43.5%) glued to the screen.

This is followed by the 2004 festival. ramon (‘OT 3’), with 6,826,202 fans (50.1%). ‘To fill me up with you’ gave him the tenth place.

Participated in Eurovision Pastor Soler, also achieved great data with 6,541,763 viewers (43.5%) in 2012. They ‘Stay with me’ placed tenth.

edunne, another ‘vintage victory’ (which only joined years after passing the ‘talent show’) reached an audience of 5,958,168 (39.3%) for the 2015 Eurovision. with 21st place. ‘Dawn’.

2010 Eurovision reached 5,760,317 followers (41.9%). which was Daniel Diges He had to repeat his performance because of his sabotage. gymnastics jumpThe one who sneaked onto the stage while singing ‘Algo Small’. The artist and actor of ‘Nothing Forever’ took 15th place.

2001 festival, David Civera With the danceable performance of ‘Dile que la Quiero’, it added 5,614,259 spectators (45.7%). It was sixth.

The podium of the 10 editions of Eurovision with the most viewers in Spain since 1992 was completed in 2019 with 5,449,270 fans (36.7%). TVE sent ‘old’ Miki Nuñezwith the 22nd ‘Music band’.

Another fact that should not be forgotten is that the 2021 Eurovision Blaise sang ranked 24th with ‘I will stay’is one of the least common. Even so, the figure isn’t bad for what’s going on in viewers today: 4,071,281 viewers and a 29.4% share.

It was even below the 2016 festival. Barei and his ‘Say Yay’Worst Eurovision record (in terms of viewers) in Spain since 2007, when TVE was the group representing the contest, with 4,291,756 followers (29.8%) D’NashWith ‘I love you screw’ (3,372,935 vs 28%).

The red lantern is for the 1992 Eurovision in which it participated. Seraphim Zubiri with ‘It’s all music’, the song that is in the 14th place. It had 3,004,520 followers (25.4%), although it should be taken into account that the festival did not compete in the same league as it was broadcast on La 2 that year.

These are followed (at the bottom of the table) by the 1994 event. Alexander the High Priest and ‘Ella no es ella’ (3,037,471 and 26.1%) and in 1997, Marcos Lunas and ‘Without Kin’ (3,224,010 and 30.3%). And the runner-up placed sixth in the European music competition.

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